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Comment Re:BREAKING NEWS (Score 1) 66

So in other words, they did their job and got paid.

Problem is the company probably is no more practically secure after the consultants came than before.

The first morning, he tailgated through a locked door by carrying some boxes, found an unlocked network closet, and connected to the client's network and started sniffing unencrypted traffic, including plaintext passwords for the admins.....He delivered a brief report in the afternoon, essentially saying that the general approach to security was so bad that further testing wouldn't be productive.

Yeah, that's a pretty common sort of scenario.

Comment Re: Question (Score 1) 171

What you say would be true if any form of addiction were a choice. But it's not. Even addictive behavior is governed by brain chemistry so it is, in fact, chemically induced. To assume that without disincentives people would not experiment with habit-forming destructive addictive behaviors is unjustified. And addiction (by definition) takes hold as a result of initial experimenting with addictive behavior. If less people were disincentivised to be addicted, then more people would become addicted. It's not a statement about a cause and a necessary effect. It's a statement about a cause of a statistical bias in one direction or another direction.

Comment Re: competition (Score 1) 171

If anything, just take away the parents' basic income if they have too many kids. The disincentive would probably work very well.

Not for the kids. If the point of basic income is to alleviate suffering of the least able, then taking it away from the care takers of children would also accomplish the opposite of the intended goal.

Comment Re:aha (Score 1) 128

Even within a society which has a very cheap price of labor there can exist people whose labor is very costly. Your example was inappropriate because it was an example of automating away jobs of just such people within China. China is not automating away the jobs of the people with lowest wages. It only makes sense to automate away the wages of those whose skills are in high demand, but who have little political sway or control over the process (highly-skill non-manager positions). So your example in no way whatsoever disproved the point that "automation is what you do when machines are cheaper than people".

This assertion is a load of crap

Fuck you with a cherry on top. I am just not in a mood for dumb asses who think they know something, but who in reality are cherry picking facts to prove points which are utterly wrong. You are the prime example of why "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing." If you knew less, then at least you wouldn't have the confidence to assert the dumb ass shit you are asserting. But because you know a few things, but can't piece them together, you think you are coming from a position of reason. You are not. You are coming from a knee-jerk towards your favorite pipe dream based on cherry picked facts.

Comment Re:Welp, I know what I'm going to do. (Score 1) 171

plateauing at a level where they can afford everything they want to consume,"

There is no such plateau. Right now, I want a private jet. Really. And if I get that, I want my own planet, too. And a star. I can't get those, but I want them. And if I get all that, then I want love. There is no limit to what people want.

Comment Soviet Union tried it (Score 1) 171

The Soviet Union had rooms full of people trying to calculate these things and build the correct amounts, etc, but it's not just a linear equation, it's a linear equation where the variables (constants, actually) change, new variables appear, and old ones disappear; and even the target goals can change.

This is one of those things that sounds good on long as you simplify and ignore enough things. It's like taking physics 101 and saying, "motion is easy to model, you just need to know the coefficient of friction."

Comment competition (Score 1) 171

Anyone who thinks that competition can removed from work-incentive process completely disregards the fact that sexual conquest is present in all societies other than theocracies. So to remove all sources of competitiveness a society would need to introduce a strict moral code (Soviet Union certainly tried). This would mean suppressing natural human urges and would lead to development of authoritarian elements within the society. And authoritarian institutions would attract the most aggressive (most competitive) individuals. The end result would be a totalitarian regime existing for the sake of preserving its power rather than the originally intended purpose of social progress.

Comment Re:Oh boy (Score 1) 304

Trump is an incompetent, pompous ass and a political newcomer, hated by both Democrats and Republicans. He is lucky if Congress doesn't cut the White House kitchen budget just out of spite. What Trump wants is pretty much irrelevant since he isn't going to get it.

And yet Trump won the primary and got the Republican nomination. When the Rancor goes down, maybe it's time to stop underestimating the weird kid with a lightsaber?

Comment Re:The difference is (Score 0) 66

Neither do the Republicans - one of the signature speakers at the RNC was gay after all.

Isn't it better than the Democrats approach which is to treat the gay community like garbage because they assume the gay community will always vote democratic? Nothing like being taken for granted.

At this point the Democrats are by far the worst party to support if you are gay, because after all if you aren't having sex 24/7 you are just like everyone else being screwed over by terrible immigration policy, or the after-effects of super bad treaties like the TPP (which both Clinton and her VP pick support).

Comment The harvest isn't a make-work job. (Score 1) 304

we all know someone has to pick the peaches and no Americans want those jobs when they can sit home and draw a government check while they watch TV.

This is ladder work, kids, in 95 degree heat.

What you need to succeed in harvesting high-value perishables is a gentle touch, speed, stamina and experience.

That makes it a young man's game. Migrant labor. You cannot do this part time and get any good at it at all. Oh, and you'll need a willingness to work for sub-minimal wages without meal breaks or other amenities which were common in industrial work about one hundred years back.

Which is why seasonal recruitment from the urban welfare rolls never really works.

''For agriculture, one of our real differences if the country goes that way [increasing the minimum wage] is that exemptions really don't do us much good because we're competing in the marketplace with jobs that will be paying $15 an hour.''

Presently, agriculture employees [in California] are exempted from labor code provisions regarding wage, hour, meal break and other working conditions. Known as the Phase-In Overtime for Agricultural Works Act of 2016, the new bill would remove this exemption and would create a schedule that would phase in overtime requirements for agricultural workers over the course of four years, beginning in 2017.

Under the proposed legislation, beginning July 1, 2017, agricultural workers would receive overtime for all work after nine and one-half hours daily, or in excess of 55 hours in one work week. The thresholds for daily and weekly overtime would be further reduced each subsequent year until January 2020, at which point agricultural employees would receive overtime for work beyond eight hours a day or 40 hours weekly.

Minimum wage brings headaches for growers

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