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Comment Re:Liars will Liar (Score 1) 304

I'm a lefty, and I would never do or propose one of the things you claim lefties would do ... just for your interest. And neither would any other lefty in my country ...

I believe that more speech is always the solution. Let ideas compete equally out in the open without censor regardless of how revolting some may find some speech. After all, it is only unpopular opinions that need protecting. Nobody tries to suppress speech they agree with.

If one's ideas and speech can only gain acceptance by silencing/suppressing others' ideas and speech, then one should re-examine and re-evaluate their own ideas and speech, for that is where the problem lies.

If what you say is true then carry on, Sir, whether we may agree or not. If I may ask a favor, please have a heart-to-heart with the US Left. Sad to say, they are currently not only harming themselves but the US as well with the tactics I outlined above, which are just a fraction of the things they discredit themselves with without help of opposition.

Hell, I really don't want either faction to gain too much power. That leads to tyranny. However, the US Left has swung the pendulum quite a ways Left in the US and I fear the counter-swing, of which Trump could be just the beginning. That the pendulum has swung so far Left in the US (by US standards) is what's driven extreme political views, opinions, and policies from both sides.

A far-Right fascist authoritarian regime and a far-Left socialist authoritarian regime are nearly indistinguishable from the general populations' viewpoint.


Comment Re:Init alternatives (Score 1) 87

I think if it were just an init system, most people would be ok with it (or gripe a little and then move on, like with other alternative init systems that have existed in the past).

The major issue people are concerned about is that things will be built on top of systemd (and they have been built on top of systemd), and then you have a huge unrelated dependency on this init system which makes it hard to swap out in the future if you want to use containers.

Comment Re:They only show gorgeous women (Score 1) 183

In Meiji era Japan, it was seen as attractive for women to paint their teeth black. Do you find that hot?

Yeah, actually, although it is might be an acquired taste. The whole color-scheme of the face probably needs to change.

I agree with your point though, what is thought of as attractive can change dramatically even within a few years.

Comment Re:Razer (Score 1) 166

Not to mention Razer's "We hit the bottom of the barrel, so we got some explosives and blasted our way through to a whole new level!" LoQC (Lack of Quality Control). Look up "shit" in the dictionary and it says "At least it's not Razer!"

I mean, we have Apple to demonstrate that you can label (not polish, just label) an actual turd and some jackass will still spend exorbitant amounts of money to buy it. But how Razer's rectal-cancer level LoQC hasn't killed the fucking company in the last 15 years leaves me more stunned than Amy Schumer contemplating President Elect Trump...

Comment Re:IRS can only pursue taxes on "income" (Score 1) 203

However, if this is an investigation of individuals, the Fourth doesn't apply because they're not searching the individual's effects. If it's an investigation of the exchange, then it isn't a general warrant.

The quotes from the investigators said they were wanting to see if any of the exchange users were using it to evade taxes. That's an investigation of the individuals. They did not say they were investigating the exchange because they had probable cause to believe the exchange was evading taxes. They have no specific probable cause to search the private financial data (papers and effects) of the individuals. It's a fishing expedition using a general warrant. That's the reality.

Of course, a Venn diagram of reality and the US legal system would show only a very modest area of intersection, particularly in more recent times.


Comment Re:Well there would be a lot of it (Score 1) 60

Fair arguments but I think you are assuming that their means of getting around will be too much like ours. Forget space ships. Consider a plume of information laded bacteria squirted up out of the atmosphere into the path of an orbiting asteroid. They splat on to the surface, some survive and grow into a new spacegoing species.

Comment Re:Security is an illusion (Score 1) 153

There's just too much volume to track all the content everywhere.

There are 350 million people in the USA, more or less. Including kids not of age to use computers. One computer, just one, operates at billions of instructions per second (when the code is written in anything efficient, like c.) The NSA has a newish huge data center located on the main trunks.

You do the math. If you still think they can't sieve that amount of data effectively, why then, good on you for your optimism. :)

Comment Re:Those who something, something (Score 1) 480

No idea where you get that idea. For a start I can go anywhere in the EU, moving from country to country without even a passport in many cases, and not being watched while I do it.

And I can travel from State to State within the United States just as easily. The EU is a collection of member-states as well and so similar travel freedoms are the norm there too.

What's your point?

Similarly, when I visit Japan I don't even need a visa, and no-one keeps "tabs" on me.

So there have been special agreements made between Japan and your nation/the EU. What about visitors to Japan from Somalia or Syria?

Corner/special cases where special agreements/arrangements have been made are not equivalent to general visa/immigration policies. Try again.


Comment Fire up SJWs, make my day (Score 2, Insightful) 183

...from a PR standpoint [...] something to fire SJWs up

If Donald Trump's electoral victory has taught us anything, it is that gleefully sticking it to the SJWs is a good PR-move.

I, for one, simply enjoy them watching them froth about human traits. They've been trying to shame us all into suppressing them for too long.

Submission + - Virginia spent over half a million on cell surveillance that mostly doesn't work (

v3rgEz writes: In 2014, the Virginia State Police spent $585,265 on a specially modified Suburban outfitted with the latest and greatest in cell phone surveillance: The DRT 1183C, affectionately known as the DRTbox. But according to logs uncovered by public records website MuckRock, the pricey ride was only used 12 times — and only worked 7 of those times. Read the full DRTbox documents at MuckRock.

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