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Submission + - Footprints in Himalayas not Deer, must be Yeti (

blind_abraxas writes: Gripping tale of Japanese expedition to the Himalayas fails to find photographic evidence of Yetis, but say that an eight-inch footprint that looks like a human's is enough. If it isn't a deer, or a wolf, or even a snow leopard, then it must be a Yeti. Not even noted team prankster Akihiro Nakamura would be hilarious enough to be out there stepping in the snow just to fool the team.

Feed Techdirt: For Just The Cost Of A (Starbucks) Coffee A Day, You Could Save A Pay Phone Boot (

It's been nearly a decade or so since the rise of mobile phones began to impact the payphone industry -- and we've seen all sorts of creative attempts to save payphone booths in one form or another -- from turning them into music download stations or WiFi hotspots. Then, there's the idea of simply changing phone booths into places for mobile phone callers to go, so they're not quite so annoying, talking on the phone where everyone can hear them. Over in the UK, things are even worse, as the distinctive red iconic telephone booths has a much stronger cultural connection that has many upset at the demise of the phone booth.

So, what BT has come up with a different sort of strategy for rescuing the red phone booths: getting local gov'ts to pay out of sympathy. Yes, BT is telling local councils that they can "adopt" a red phone booth and keep it alive for just £500 per year (about $1,000). I'm almost surprised they didn't open up the offering to individuals as well. I'm sure there are some folks who would pay to keep the phone booths alive.

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Submission + - Battlestar Galactica Was A Prophecy (

zanderredux writes: The writers at io9 found this gem going around originally posted by Burnlab. The resemblance is scary. I loved the original presidential ticket of Roslin/Adama, or better yet Roslin/Airlock, but I'm not sure we are ready to have Col. Tigh as president... Like an hypothetical Tigh and Roslin, McCain and Palin should complement each other well. I eagerly await the moment in the VP debate when Palin is asked what she would do with Osama bin Laden if he were captured. One assumes her answer will be some variation of "Put that thing out the airlock."
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Warner Bros. bitten in the rear end by DMCA (

sxpert writes: When you attempt to access from out of the US, you get redirected to where you are greeted with the following ominous message :

It looks like you're trying to visit from outside the United States. Unfortunately, due to complicated domestic and international entertainment law, our website is restricted to viewers within the US. But please write to your local government representative if you want to fight this injustice, so hopefully one day, fans like you from all over the world can enjoy

So it appears the DMCA turned around and bit it's masters in the butt
pretty ironic, isn't it ?

Feed Engadget: Dream Cheeky's metal joypad makes the best of projectiles (

Filed under: Gaming, Peripherals

Today's generations of gee-whiz graphics and analog controls have brought with them one unfortunate addition: beefy, expensive wireless controllers that we're loathe to dash against the floor or to bash against an adjacent sibling. The creatively-termed "USB Metal Game Pad" from Dream Cheeky is just what it says on the box, doing your basic assortment of SNES-era joypad work with some USB pluggability and Mac / PC compatibility, but being conveniently built out of metal. Sure, it looks shoddy and uninspired, but we wouldn't have it any other way. No word on price or where to nab one.

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Submission + - Domain-Name Squatter Demands Job at Google (

Kugrian writes: "A German network administrator who cyber-squatted at least eight Google-related domain names, has demanded a job at Google in exchange for handing over ownership of the domains. Sebastian Klein, 27, posted an open letter to Google in 10 languages on each of the sites saying that he would relinquish the domain addresses for free if he got a job offer in return. In a letter, he said "Hi Google, I would not like to keep these domains, earn also no money with it. I return it to you immediately free of charge. All I seek for is a job at Google.""

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