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Comment Re:74 at time of crash (Score 2) 162

Forgot to mention. The car instructions say AutoPilot is not to be used where there are crossroads. In the Florida instance in question there were crossroads.

"Not to be used where there are crossroads, trucks painted a light color or other vehicles of any kind."

This is Elon Musk's "You're holding it wrong!" moment.

Comment Re:It's not money... not unlike US green back (Score 1) 143

Your delusion levels are high.

Tell you what: pull out $100 US anywhere in the world and see if you find any takers. THAT'S how much credibility the US treasury and the Federal Reserve have. I've got a 500,000,000 dinar note from when Serbia was in hyperinflation (Nicola Tesla's picture!) and people were burning them for fuel. That's never happened, and will never happen, in the US (with a particular caveat mentioned below).

Right now, Euro bonds are paying negative interest. At least at the moment, the dollar is still king worldwide.

Now, if a certain vulgar talking yam becomes president, that might change, but for now, everybody wants dollars. Even the silly fuckers at Infowars are putting money into US treasuries. Alex Jones will blow you for $20 US.

Comment Re:Black is the worst threat level...? (Score 1) 114

Black is the new Red, this is political of-course, it doesn't have any other meaning. Colour coding means something because of the colour properties (red is the most visible colour due to its wavelength and our perception of it). I guess what Obama is saying is this: the white people are scared of the blacks so much, they must perceive black as more dangerous than any other colour...

Maybe Obama is just using this to implicate that whites are "unsubstantiated or inconsequential "...per the description of the rating on the system?


Remember, it is perfectly politically correct to disparage white folks, after all they have all that 'privilege' you know....

Comment Re:That's 129.2F if you're interested. (Score 1) 278

If you don't care much about the rest of the world, why the fuck are you reading news about temperature in Kuwait in first place?

I'm browsing through the headlines on a US Centric website, and was somewhat questioning why US Centric units of measurement weren't being used, and saying I was appreciative that someone provide the translation before I had to...

Comment Re:That's 129.2F if you're interested. (Score 1) 278

Enjoy your life in the data ghetto that is the USA. If you want to talk to anyone from the other 95.6% of the world

Not having the metric system here, has never affected my life, nor anyone I know really.

And for the most part, most Americans have no contact with anyone else in the world, there's really not much need for it as that the US is pretty vast and populated enough, with many diverse regions of temperament, terrain, etc.....

So, we don't really care about what your 95.6% of the world does or thinks, as that we rarely have to interact with you, and have virtually no reason to do so in every day life.

You can get off your high horse now....we don't give a shit what you do, so, why do you get so all in a huff about what we do and what units we use?

It seems YOU have more a problem with this than we do...

Comment Re:That's 129.2F if you're interested. (Score 1) 278

Also Celsius is based on something familiar to everyone. Water boils at 100 freezes at 0, easy.

Anyone can tell you 7 is cold and 70 is hot. What does Fahrenheit relate to? Who knows?

I would venture to guess that hardly any American would know how to dress really at 7C or 70C...they are meaningless in every day use here in the US.

It depends on what you are used to and have grown up with....

I instantly know what to wear and the comfort zone of a day outside with the high at 76F. AT 76C I'd have no idea what to put on....

It isn't like when I listen to the weather forecast that I think " close is this to the freezing or boiling point of water?". You just know from years of experience and growing up with every day normal weather and activities.

And being that Slashdot is a US centric site...most of us here are used to getting our stores with the units of measure we're used to dealing with here, and not having to stop, hit google and find a conversion site....

Comment Re:That's 129.2F if you're interested. (Score 1) 278

I hope you realize that 129.2F means absolutely nothing to the majority of the world. ;)

I don't really care much about the rest of the world, as far as common every day things like watching the morning news for the weather to see the temperature, etc...and know how to dress, I have little to no contact with folks outside the US.

And since Slashdot is a US centric site...most things are (and should be) in the units of measurement we are all used to.

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