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Comment Re:at that price... (Score 1) 16

The fine should have been £10 per mail sent.

That's 500 times the actual fine. All that would do would be to convince the airline to spend money trying to take power away from these bureaucrats.

All the voters care about is that the government is "doing something" - it doesn't matter at all if that "something" is effective.

This kind of tiny fine keeps the companies happy, the voters happy, and the bureaucrats happy. The minute percentage of the population that knows it's a scam does not matter - they still have to pay taxes anyway.


Comment Re:It's just too expensive (Score 2) 226

it was the fact that the test this time was run it was done so without meeting the initial test parameters...

And the political appointees at the plant overrode the engineers on the project because the lead on the project was one of the sons of an appointee (shades of the Challenger disaster).

One of the engineer's sons is a Slashdotter and has written frequently about how that went down. "Shocker" that it's not in the official Soviet record, but it's a far more believable story.

Comment Re:Why does GOVERNMENT have to do EVERYTHING?! (Score 1) 363

WE do.

It's called, TAXES.

You're claiming credit for bombing civillians in Syria and Doctors without Borders hospitals in Afghanistan? That's awful - I don't use the /. foes list much, but that's a gimme.

Those people who realize they are extorted into funding an occupying, illegal government that uses the Constitution for toilet paper I can abide.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 299

More self-publicity by the Whitehouse version of "Life with the Kardashians"

Perhaps you missed "making school lunches into vehicles to throw vegetables into the trash", "gee, maybe kids should read", "gee, maybe we should have government-run medicine and cover up political accidents", or "the solution to drug addiction isn't engaging people who are victims of childhood abuse, but rather the word 'no'."

The less-damaging ones actually seem to be the ones without any kind of lofty goals.

Comment PTSD Cure Illegal (Score 5, Interesting) 70

Not to diminish the importance of blocking memory formation (nice research), but most people do not care about those who suffer from PTSD.

We have a known cure for PTSD, combination MDMA psychotherapy, but it's currently illegal in most of the world because both the US FDA and DEA political hacks claim that no medical uses exist for the chemical (despite the DEA Court finding otherwise).

It's a clear case of government vs. science and the loser in the battle is the vulnerable population of patients with PTSD (and the rest of society by extension). Sadly, most of society supports those politicians over both science and the needs of the afflicted.

Comment Re:While its not my cup of tea (Score 1) 646

I have seen an argument from a Goremerian Sex Slave that her consent to slavery was tied specifically to her interpretation of Christianity (in that her service to her husband and master, was service to Christ himself), so it's white Christian females as well.

Comment Re:Nonsense (Score 3, Insightful) 300

It's an education thing. People who know how English evolved know that 'he' can be both masculine or neuter, depending on context. It's been that way since before 'ye', 'thou', 'thy' and similar words went away.

People who are uneducated may assume that 'he' is only masculine and will choose to feel oppressed about it. I can't imagine how bad those people feel using romance languages where half of the nouns are masculine gendered.

It's somewhat awkward, but less so than losing the singular/plural distinction. Style guides are a useful reference, but feel free to ignore their inconsistencies and poor suggestions.

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