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Comment Re:The basest, vilest (Score 1) 966

Well - no he didn't. He invited a foreign power to find something. Any assault or other intention attributed is purely in your mind. It is wishful thinking too as last we heard the server was permanently off line. However, there is already a presumption in the republican camp that the server was already accessed years ago so it is more likely he was suggesting they search through whatever documents they already have.

Either way, anything outside of looking for or finding something is all something the viewer has to read into the statement. I'm certain Russia might take it differently - perhaps even as a joke. It depends on what they read into it.

Comment Re:The basest, vilest (Score 1) 966

Because despite all appearances of illegality and wrong doing, she has yet to be charged with something to get in front of a jury in the first place.

Of course that is not good if done by a corporations but a future president it is aces. It instills trust and creates a roll model for future citizens.

Comment Re:The basest, vilest (Score 1) 966

Well, they didn't come up with nothing. They came up with patterns of incompetence and knowledge that we (as in Clinton and Obama as well as our intelligence community) knew it was a terrorist attack instead of some protest over a movie the night it happened (before the movie claim). This was illustrated by Hillary's email to Chelsea stating an al qeada stile attack and comments from witnesses and department heads. We know that the decision not to send a rescue team was a political one based on appearances instead of any logistical problems.

That may not mean much to you but it says we acted callously with regard to the safety of our diplomats because of political reasons which shows extreme incompetence to me.

The fact that you keep bringing it up and saying we found nothing is sort of telling. It somewhat says you think the same but feel the need to gloss over it. And the reason there was 9 investigations instead of just one is because the administration (not necessarily Hillary) kept stonewalling and facts were being discovered after the process was winding down including facts revealed by the eventual release of Hillary's email. Or in other words, the administration want it stretched out through multiple sessions of congress for whatever reason. Given what we know, it was likely a shrewd political calculation too.

Comment Re:The basest, vilest (Score 1) 966

You should be tired and worn out with all those hoops you are jumping through to maintain that point.

Seriously, do you not understand how convoluted you are trying to get here? Let me simplify it for you. If i said find a pencil that is missin , i don't expect you to break into a house, I don't expect you to mug anyone, i expect you to look around the areas in your control to see if you can find it.

Comment Re:The basest, vilest (Score 1) 966

No, The reason no one heard of those is because security measures were in place and there wasn't a record of people asking and being denied extra security.

The reason benghazi is so known is because it was one blunder after another and we know that the political nature was in not sending support in or even attempting a rescue in order to avoid political fallout of the appearance of U.S. troops invading a foreign country.

For what it is worth, I think the host country of any embassy should protect it and if they appear unable or unwilling we should be able to send an entire army in if necessary for the protection and removal of people and they can kiss our asses if they object.

Comment Re:The basest, vilest (Score 1) 966

Yes. . Exactly.

Why can't people just understand that Hilary will push the envelope of what is legal to the point it looks illegal but isn't technically chargeable. You know, it depends on the meaning of the word "is" type shit. So many loopholes it will give you whiplash trying to follow the action.

This is why she should be the next president. We know that despite how it looks, no matter how deplorable, unethical, or blatantly violating the law it appears, it will all be legal. . At least what can legally be proven anyways.

Comment Re:Yes, he says to choose the narrow gate (Score 1) 10

Seems like it at my parish. Of course, with the way the folk group bounces between Latin, Spanish, Tagalog, English, and all the others in Malo, Malo; you'd never miss Whoopi.

We've had some seriously tense discussions at my parish over a couple of Archbishop Sample's recent radio shows on the subject of Sacred Music in the Liturgy- especially seeing how often Dan Schutte features in the 8:30 Mass (yes, complete with the hymn he ripped off from My Little Pony).

Comment Re:Yes, he says to choose the narrow gate (Score 1) 10

If I go on Matthew Kelly's extensive research, 7%.

Of course, his definition of a Dynamic Catholic is rather extreme. A Dynamic Catholic to him is one who prays, studies, is generous, and evangelizes. Belief isn't enough for him. It's all about what happens after the Mass is over.....and you'd better be praying more than one hour a week as well.

Matthew Kelly's research is pretty darn close to what ends up in the collection basket- 8% of those in a Roman Catholic Parish give 95% of the budget.

The rest, given something Archbishop Sample said he really hates, are the ones there to listen to the band, and you can tell by their applause.

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