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Submission + - The NRA and Medical Marijuana? (

Anachragnome writes: A medical marijuana activist in Kirkland, WA. was recently denied the right to purchase a firearm after the Feds learned of his having a medical marijuana license in the state of Washington. The Feds were notified as a result of activist Steve Sarich being the victim in a home-invasion where both he and one of the intruders were shot. From the article...

"...The sheriff's office then forwarded the burglary report to the FBI's National Instant Criminal Background Check System legal staff.

"They informed us that possession of a medical drug card is sufficient to establish an inference of current use," Swartz wrote, "and therefore possession of firearms was prohibited."

Sarich has promised to sue, on several grounds, and went on to say ""So no medical marijuana patients can possess guns, ever?" Sarich said. "I wonder if I can get the NRA involved in this one. Wouldn't that make an odd couple?""

It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - "The Best Article Everyday" hacked?

Anachragnome writes: Earlier this evening I was following random links and came across this article, .
It took me a second to realize what the "ad" said. I quote...


This site reproduces the authors articles in full without the author's permission.
This takes away traffic and revenue from the very bloggers who work hard to make the content
you are reading right now possible.

Read the orignal(sic) article at "

I seriously doubt that the "ad" was placed by the owners of the website, but I could be wrong. Apparently someone is upset at having their articles stolen and decided to take action, or am I interpreting this completely wrong?

Submission + - Retibution against ?

Anachragnome writes: Yesterday I read an article here at Slashdot, ( 7231 ) about the use of social websites as a means to spread adware. I found it interesting, yet not particularly threatening to me, as I do not use such sites. Today, as I was reading the news here at slashdot, an article about Gizmondo in particular, I found a posting by an anonymous poster that linked a webpage about wrecked exotic cars. Being one to actually go to links in posts, I was amazed to find that the site was awash in files that were actually Zango downloads. Almost every link on the page is a download from Zango. After posting what I found (as a warning to readers), it began to dawn on me that this may not be a coincidence. Could it be possible the poster was intentionally posting such links on Slashdot in response to the previous days article? What motive might one possibly have in doing so? Anyways, I find it highly suspect that such a link is posted here on slashdot, not just once, but twice, in the same thread ( html ).

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