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Comment Where no cable has gone before (Score 1) 154

McCoy: Good God, man!

Kirk: I don't care how you do it, Bones, just fix the damned video.

McCoy: I'm a doctor, not a damned cable monkey!

Spock: Fascinating. This router has no jacks.

Chekov: It's a couragous router. Inwented in Russia.

Uhura: This is not a federation signal. I can't make anything out of it, sir.

Sulu: Faraday shields up. It's good to be Takei, bitches.

Comment Re:Not surprising (Score 1) 460

I once applied to huawei (sp?) for a networking job. not that I wanted to work there, per se, but I was in dire need of a job and a recruiter contacted me about this place.

one of the first questions from the interviewer on the phone was:

"so, why do you, an american, want to work for a chinese company?"

it went downhill from there.....

glad I didn't get the job. from reading glassdoor, if you are not chinese and don't speak it, you'll never get anywhere in this place; and its right in the middle of silicon valley, too.

Comment Re:Chinese speakers only (Score 1) 460

look at many of the apple job ads. they hint that you may be traveling to asia for work projects, but they do say that you need to speak chinese to work on many of the projects.

apple also lists many jobs that are for 'interns' and you know what that means: low pay and young age, only.

Comment Re:Chinese speakers only (Score 0) 460

no shit. I've seen the subtle and not so suble job descrs that clearly tell non-asians 'need not apply here, buddy'.

having worked at a lot of bay area companies (cisco, etc) - I can tell you that whites are a TINY minority. you can walk the hallways for a long time and never hear english. indian dialects and chinese, lots and lots. see a white or black guy? rarely. at least in engineering. perhaps the upper upper mgmt is americans, but first line managers are almost all asian and indian.

so I find it very 'rich' that someone dares to complain that the asians don't have a 100% stranglehold on the bay area jobs.

some people are never satisfied. perhaps I should go more than a year between jobs - while some imported labor never stays unemployed for more than a month or two, tops. you don't have to be skilled, either; just part of the clan that is hiring and you're all set.

come out to the bay area; walk around outside the main companies and tell me that there is equal opportunity for all races that exist in this area. you'll conclude that its been unfairly stacked for a good 20 years, now. ever since h1b abuse went mainstream, local born citizens can be jobless for much more than a year. we pay our taxes, we grew up here, we have a vested interest in the US and yet the US companies do all they can to avoid hiring us.

asians: realize that you already OWN most of the companies here; and all the landlords are also asian. what more do you fuckers want? SHEESH! you have it all and still are not happy. damn.

Comment Re:Distortion on distortion (Score 1) 273

When using fx boxes to emulate other hardware, you always want a high-power, distortion-free system that can reproduce exactly what it is fed. This way, when you employ "fuzzbox v.1.9" or "fender jazzman-ish rev 6", or the former feeding into the latter, they sound like those things, instead of those things plus new grunge.

This is typical for studios; the repro system is pristine. Because you always what to hear what's there, not what's there plus something the end listener won't hear, and because as I said earlier, no general *music* repro system should be operating in a regime where it is adding distortion -- because that sucks.

There are plenty of high-power, low-noise solutions that allow emulation to do exactly what it was designed to do. You just have to be savvy enough to pick them instead of that Marshall stack you always drooled over...

Comment Open source version of siri / echo (Score 5, Informative) 190

The answer is MyCroft

I plan on buying one of these the very soonest I can once they are actually shipping the hardware. Echo is crippled by the many limitations Amazon coded in on purpose -- it's basically something that looks up text matches and does something if it finds one. No language parsing worth a damn. Even so, it's very useful, and within those limits, you can make stuff for it, Amazon's pretty open about it as long as you can set up a secure server (ugh) or use their cloud (double-ugh.) Siri, as per usual for Apple, is a much more closed system, and frankly, it's of no interest at all to me because of that.

Mycroft is completely open source. I have very high hopes for it because of that. I have reams of my own natural language processing code I should be able to plug right in the moment there is a speech-to-text engine I can use directly. Others do as well. Custom apps in the home space, that are actually somewhat smarter than...

[if string == "turn on light" then TurnOnLight]

I suggest everyone check MyCroft out. Perhaps you'll be as enthused as I. I can hope. ;)

Comment Re: We Need More Programming Languages! (Score 1) 173

I posted about this last time the python wars were on ;)

there should be 2 concepts that are never co-mingled. there is 'define a block' for the computer and 'define a block' for humans.

python's mistake was that they combined them. what we SEE (and makes sense, based on our 2d vision/brain abilities) needs to be something to show us, quickly, what a block is. indenting works and that's fine.

what the computer PARSES does not need visual 2d help. the computer parser needs to be so robust that it is immune to our petty 'what we SEE' things. for this, we use brackets or begin/end blocks or what the hell bash uses (never liked it, but its also a block structure that is immune to spaces, more or less). and you can post code that is messed up by good old html and 'webmasters' and then extract it via a download, compile it and it will work.

with python and other misguided languages, a simple mistaken space format change - which often happens when posting code to forums - will totally blow your code reliability. it MAY or may NOT work. even if it works, is it actually correct? yeah, that can be pushed left. and that, too. it still 'works' but is it RIGHT?

sigh. this is fucked up, guys. it happens enough that we need to learn our lesson, say 'nice try' but it did NOT work out.

we need to keep the computer parser block stuff separated from our 'presentation layer' that we, humans, use to create and edit and read source code.

give me brace-based c code, totally mess up the spacing and I can run it thru a beautifier (for me, just plain emacs) and I'll SEE what you meant by your code. just cannot do that with the python style languages.

please, language creators of the next generation: learn from this. guido is a smart guy, but he's not perfect and he was 100% wrong when he decided to COMBINE those 2 concepts. good try, pat on the back and all that, but admit it didn't work out and lets move on, already!

Comment Re:No, it's not reasonable (Score 1) 131

You realise that Kosovo fought a particularly bloody war of independence against Serbia in the 1990s after the breakup of Yugoslavia and, after a period of protectionism under UN administration, declared independence from Serbia in 2008 - that independence is recognised by 109 UN members, so it is not a pseudo-state, it is a state by recognition, and Serbia would most definitely want Kosovo back if it were to be allowed...

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