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Comment Nope ^ 1000! (Score 1) 52

camera that's designed to go somewhere in your bedroom, bathroom, or wherever the hell you get dressed


All photos and video captured with your Echo Look are securely stored in the AWS cloud

What. Could. Possibly. Go. Wrong.

I think this deserve a new concept of "Nope-finity" to be invented, just to have a proper answer.

Comment There should be a law... (Score 1) 52

For several years now, Amazon really has been leading the way toward making it impossible to tell the difference between joke product ideas and the real ones. Google/Apple/Microsoft have had some bad ideas too, but they all get totally left in the dust by Amazon. I mean, this is the company that sells buttons for buying stuff.

Is there a Poe's Law of consumer electronics yet? We're getting close to needing one.

Comment Re:(sigh) You people still think you're engineers (Score 1) 555

Instead of identifying himself as an engineer, he should have said, "You are dicks." They clearly would not have been able to argue that.

Response probably would have been somewhat along the lines of "You are fined $500 for falsely representing yourself as an anatomist."

Comment Re:Choice (Score 1) 144

You never know how you will deal with it until you're in the situation. In many cases, toxic situations have the tendency to reduce self-esteem -- after missing a few deadlines, he may have been convinced his talent had dried up.

Ok, seriously...people base their self esteem on their job?

Does a job mean "that" much to some people? A job is nothing more than a means to earn money to enjoy things in life.

You work is not what defines you...if it is, then you really do have some serious problems.

Comment Re:Cry me a river (Score 2) 144

A good manager and good co-workers should have recognized the situation and encouraged him to seek help.

How would a manager or co-worker know there was a problem?

I mean, granted it may be more of a contractor thing, but who makes friends at "work"? I mean, you go there to earn money and leave for the day, period.

It isn't usually in ones' best interest to discuss problems with co-workers or management lest you wish them to think something wrong with you and possibly lose your job, or choice assignments.

I pretty much always have clearly separated work from personal time. I have lots of friends outside work that I love to spend time with and will confide in them, etc...but the work place is NOT the place for such things.

I'm quite amiable at work, I'll listen and talk to people, but I try my best to never give off too much personal information and certainly not give out information on my emotions or personal problems I"m having. It could be used against you in so many ways at work.

Work is a competition for resources and money. And you have to always make sure you have the edge.

So, I would guess this guy likely didn't tell or give off signs at work that anything was wrong. And that's not a bad strategy.

Your personal support group should be your friends and family outside the work environment.

Comment Article sounds like B.S. (Score 1, Interesting) 69

So Adobe photoshop puts metadata in PNG images that can cause "bloat".


Riddle me this batman: Why the hell should the Explorer.exe binary compiled from C code have 20% of its bytes be from an Adobe photoshop metadata tool? Ditto for a DLL that's not a PNG asset?

I think this guy ran a program that misinterpreted some bytes in a binary since it's not really designed to be a general-purpose parser and then jumped to a really really dumb conclusion.

Comment Spreading/sharing (Score 1) 54

Also do not forget that if sharing is what you want (so granma and granpa can see video of their grandkids) :

- Tarsnap, Dropbox, Google Drive might be more expensive for equivalent storage size / bandwidth. But at least there's less risk for them to go belly up.
(Even if there's risk for those with non-free/closed-source clients to rape your privacy).
And you should keep a local copy on your NAS anyway.

- You can serve the files from your NAS (lots of them feature file server), and YOU can control the protection (e.g.: GPG-encrypted files. Or simply AES-password protected Zip archives if your relative are less tech savvy).

For sharing with more users simultaneously (video of your *wedding*. And suddenly all the 20 branches of the family scattered around the planet want them) :
- You can also serve the files over torrent, so you don't need a big bandwidth. Most NAS have also the option built-in.
And again YOU are in charge of the protection (But if you want strong security, just dont use 'Password123' to encrypt the archive, even if that clueless cousin asks for something easy to remember).

No matter what keep a separate local copy (keep a copy on your NAS if you go DropBox. Keep a (non encrypted) copy in a separate non-shared directory on your NAS or a separate NAS if you serve the file themselves).

Comment Re: But $90k per year is poor in California (Score 1) 137

I don't know what country you live in, but in the USA, paying more taxes does not get you more votes, nor should it entitle you to more government spending.

But here it isn't directly govt. spending.

It is govt giving subsidies/monopolies to private business which then builds out and provides the product, i.e. higher speed networking.

The company(s) know who butters their bread and will vote them more if they provide the product, hence...the wealthier neighborhoods get the good stuff first.

And besides...who's going to have the computers and other tools/gadgets to utilize high speed pipes more...the wealthy sections of town or the section 8 section of town?

You act like it doesn't make sense. Hell, if they rolled all this out to the Section 8 parts of town first...and there isn't a lot of people buying it there because they can't afford it, or don't know what it would mean to them...the private company loses money.

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