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Comment Re:They need more censorship (Score 1) 87

Well I didn't get banned for my opinions. I got some assholes but I just blocked them like an adult.

So, you went through the trouble of getting in line for a gab.ai account, then signing up for an account, then logging in, before enjoying your freedom of speech?

So why not sign up for a Slashdot account and login so your opinion can be taken for more than pure horseshit? You know, like an adult.

Comment Open memo to Apple: You're Fired (Score 1) 523

How many customers asked for keys to be deleted? My guess is ZERO. And then we have the one port USB-C debacle of this year's MacBook. Soldered memory? No thanks.

I am the customer, and the customer is always right. If you don't want to offer me the products I want, I'll find someone who does.

Apple is going back to the bad-old-days, repeating the mistakes that got Steve Jobs fired.

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