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Comment Re:Inapplicable (Score 1) 173

The wikipedia article on derived works says that things even as derivative as translations are protected under fair use. One could argue that these spoilers are a translation of the work into the author's own terms. Unless there is a substantial amount of information copied from the transcript or some copyrighted, released work this should be a derived work protected under fair use. (I'm not a lawyer, blah)

Comment Re:No more book reports on non Public Domain works (Score 1) 173

... or non-fiction. Just because the written/recorded work was based on real-world facts doesn't mean that it isn't copyrightable. It just helps distinguish how ridiculous it is that re-telling a story is somehow copyright infringement. If it isn't infringement with non-fiction it shouldn't be with fiction either (unless it is so extremely similar that it doesn't get fair-use protection for derived works).

Not a lawayer, just my opinion, blah blah

Comment Black Lab or PinGuy (Score 1) 6

Lately I've been enjoying Black Lab Linux. It's based off Ubuntu (which means you'll be compatible with the official nomachine packages) and XFCE (so it'll be nice and snappy on older hardware). It comes out of the box configured without tons of bells and whistles: fairly sane and usable defaults and no extra frills.

If you want something with a more slick look and feel and much more painstakingly customized I've enjoyed PinGuy OS. It's got Gnome by default (thus the higher system requirements) but has a lot of attention to detail put into it. The author puts a lot of time and attention into shopping around for the best applications for music, movies, etc and has it configured with all the customizations he finds usually himself installing for others right out of the box.

Submission + - Demonsaw: privacy and anonymity in the age of the NSA

Striking7 writes: Demonsaw is a decentralized secure and anonymous information sharing platform available on Linux32/64, Windows, OSX, and Raspberry Pi written by the hacker responsible for releasing the Blu-Ray device key and artificial intelligence in Grand Theft Auto V.

Details are available on the website about the author's philosophy on privacy. Demonsaw's aim is to make strong cryptography and anonymity easy enough for the average person through social cryptography. Version 2.5.0 just launched and it has loads of cool fixes and features. Currently Demonsaw features file sharing, chat, and private groups. Future releases will include file sync, streaming audio/video, and much more.

Everyone is encouraged to grab a copy and try it out!

Comment Re:Pay to upgrade their experience to what? (Score 1) 135

You say that as if paid games are somehow better than pirated ones. I've bought plenty of paid games sometimes multiple times each. Each time I end up downloading and playing a cracked version because it wouldn't tell me I couldn't play it if my 'net screwed up or if their DRM scheme somehow screwed up.

The cracked versions are an upgrade, and this coming from a paying customer.

Getting games to work correctly is hard enough without introducing new ways they can fail on purpose that can also fail on accident.

Comment Re:No 64-bit? (Score 1) 313

PAE, muthafugga. 32-bit Linux hasn't been limited to 4 gigs of ram for a long time. If you're rocking a processor that's Pentium Pro or newer (I know, pretty hard to find something so powerful nowadays) you're limited to a puny 64 gigs.

Unless you're running Windows: "According to Geoff Chappell, Microsoft limits 32-bit versions of Windows to 4 GB as a matter of its licensing policy" -- from

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