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Submission + - Demonsaw: privacy and anonymity in the age of the NSA

Striking7 writes: Demonsaw is a decentralized secure and anonymous information sharing platform available on Linux32/64, Windows, OSX, and Raspberry Pi written by the hacker responsible for releasing the Blu-Ray device key and artificial intelligence in Grand Theft Auto V.

Details are available on the website about the author's philosophy on privacy. Demonsaw's aim is to make strong cryptography and anonymity easy enough for the average person through social cryptography. Version 2.5.0 just launched and it has loads of cool fixes and features. Currently Demonsaw features file sharing, chat, and private groups. Future releases will include file sync, streaming audio/video, and much more.

Everyone is encouraged to grab a copy and try it out!

Comment Re:What a horrible articlen - better source (Score 1) 325

The page linked to is an ad laden (carefully selected related items, yeah right) mess that has this third or fourth hand.

True. The source is a badly written Bloomberg story which says the new battery has a capacity of "3.4 amperes per hour". I wrote to the reporter pointing out the meaninglessness of that number. The useful numbers for battery technologies are $/KwH and Kg/KwH, and they don't have those. The only useful piece of information in the story is that Panasonic will make a real announcement tomorrow.

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