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Comment vagrant up (Score 1) 94

More and more applications are moving from platform-specific (eg, Windows) applications into the browser.

If an application runs in a Vagrant box, it can run on any platform that runs Vagrant. This includes Windows, macOS, and GNU/Linux. So if the sticking point is being platform-specific, why can't an app be distributed as a Vagrant box, and then the user uses an X11 server or RDP or VNC client to interact with it?

Comment Tweet a headline and the body's URL (Score 1) 54

Why can't you have tweets that are much longer - say 2000 words, or a whole magazine article?

You can. It's called posting your article on a pastebin, wiki, blog, or other site, and linking it in a Tweet. TwitLonger is a pastebin specifically for Twitter users. Or if it's your own site, the Twitter Cards feature lets you add <meta> elements to control how the link appears.

Don't post images of text. Use TwitLonger.

Comment most almost 100% copyphone is samsung now. (Score 1) 59

plenty of finnish brands are no longer finnish though. I presume the 25 is just nokia, angry birds and clash of clans. based on living in asia. Marimekko isn't getting infringed that much. h&m is(amazingly). Nokia recently not that much either.

Samsung is the most counterfeited mobile phone manufacturer as such though. The copy the box and everything.

HTC they will sell you a refurbished and reflashed one as a new phone(returns from euro market resold in asian market as new). I am not entirely sure how much htc themselves are involved in this to be honest though, but if you buy a htc online thats supposedly asian fw you might find out that it doesn't have online update working because it's actually a reflashed euro-board(which has mostly same support)

Comment Choose the samsung model(I'll explain why) (Score 5, Informative) 118

No, seriously, hear me out.

1) Choose the samsung model
2) sign up for samsung MDM developer program.
3) get your free samsung mdm developer key.
4) write a small app to disable the package/firewall it.
5) profit? maybe if the subsidy from verizon was worth it. VERY DOUBTFUL.

or alternately buy package disabler or some other 1 dollar app that does _Exactly_this_. if you have ever wondered how some of these 1 dollar app disablers manage to do their thing without rooting, this is how. it's free to get the key to do it on limited amount of devices from samsung though, but it's stupid that you can't just approve it locally without signing up as a mdm developer with samsung(totally free, mind you).

or just use a different operator with byod and decent rates. you might have to move outside of usa to achieve this though.

Android has the facility for user to give permissions for apps to do device management, BUT there pretty much isn't a single manufacturer that ships phones where it works as you would expect. on samsung for example you need to use their special api to get permission from KNOX and then you ALSO have to have the permission given to the app by putting it as a device admin app).

*) there are some app packages on the samsung phones that ignore enabled/disabled setting. also none of the package managers on market currently let you disable specific activities/services of an app WHICH THE API LETS YOU TO DO(you can for example break youtubes ads by playing around with this). the samsung mdm api's also give you access to the built in firewall rules and a bunch of other stuff you would normally need to root your phone for.

Comment It also sucks your cap (Score 1) 221

[H*R's and Weebl's] solution was to put the toons on youtube for HTML5 compliance. It works, but it kills their easter eggs.

The size penalty of rendering the vectors to pixels also kills viewers' monthly download quotas.

Comment Re:But can it app apps? (Score 1) 221

and coding is annoying if I don't plug in an external keyboard.

I figured that much. But there are people in Slashdot's comment section who claim that a tablet with a USB or Bluetooth keyboard could replace most or all uses of those 10" laptops that were sold from 2008 to 2012, including lightweight programming.

Comment Re:Then what for vector animations now? (Score 1) 221

With ios and android the osk is fully automatic

Not always. At my day job, we have a Samsung tablet with a barcode scanner to scan EANs on product packaging and Code 128 barcodes on warehouse bins. But because Android sees it as a Bluetooth keyboard, it doesn't automatically pop up the on-screen keyboard when it becomes necessary to key in things that aren't barcodes.

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