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Comment Re:Yeah but... (Score 1) 204

Sigh....how to write a Linux virus in 5 easy steps using the same tricks malware uses, BTW wanna guess what kernel hosts the OS that has surpassed Windows in infections and has for over 5 years? That's right sparky LINUX.

So your vaunted "source" means absolutely nothing, its classic security by obscurity. wanna guess how much of your average Linux distro is actually vetted, as reported a couple years back by a scan of github access by a security firm? Less than 2%, that is all, the other 98% hadn't been touched by anybody but the authors who could have put any malware they wanted into it and you wouldn't know anymore than if you were on windows or OSX.

BTW I'll be happy to smack you with some citations if you'd like, from the KDELook bug that was hosted on all the major KDE repos for over a year to the Quake 3 malware that was hosted on all of the major repos for a year and a half, just ask. Thanks to Android we now have undeniable proof that Linux security is nothing but security by obscurity, and that if a malware vendor wants to own Linux? It gets pwned just as hard.

Comment big events need a ticket lottery so it's more fair (Score 1) 212

big events need a ticket lottery so it's more fair does not lead to a buy rush that can over load sites and you make it easier on people who can be on line at the sale open time. Some events can sell out fast and you need to make it fair and you do not have someone with 6 cable HSI accounts and lot of systems buying them all up. Yes some on DSLreports.com was talking about there setup like that.

Comment AMD ZEN to put the hurt on intel! (Score 1) 106

If they do it even slower with more PCI-E lanes then Intel it's a win for the end user. A slower storage server loaded with pci-e storage can be better then a faster Intel one. and with the lower end Intel cpu's less having pci-e then $200-$300 more cpus that are a little bit faster in the same socket with more pci-e turned on can force Intel to give up on that idea.

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