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Comment Re:so non dealer service or not paying for softwar (Score 1) 244

Well they can say the car only comes with 2 years of free map updates and that maps 2025 needs car os 2024 and to upgrade it may need an $2K+ main cpu box change (put in some fake can bus bs) (not really but we make a lot cash that way as it just really needs an bigger HDD that is easy to swap but we can people going out a buying an $50 HDD no they have it done at dealer with an $100 500GB 5400 RPM hdd + an $250 install fee)

Comment so non dealer service or not paying for software u (Score 3, Interesting) 244

so non dealer service or not paying for software updates = car manufacturers get's off.

So doing an jiffy lube vs paying dealer price for oil changes = unauthorized changes?

What if an software update needs a high cost CPU update or an new car as updates end after say 2-3 years? What if updates need an dealer install at dealer shop prices?

Comment Re: It's just too expensive for the hardware (Score 1) 151

Yeah, this! Without the motion controllers, VR would be like an improved 3D movie where you can now look around. When you add the motion controllers and room-scale it changes things. Now you can reach out and pick up the object. You can turn it over to look at the underside and pass it from hand to hand to check it out at all angles. In one game I even picked up a had off of the coat rack and put it on my head. Everywhere I walked in the room, I had the brim of the hat sticking out over my vision, at least until I took it off and through it across the room. The motion controllers turn it from looking at something cool, to being in another place entirely.

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