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Comment Re:AC is not the reason for bad design (Score 1) 117

It isn't worth the switch back and forth. When it gets really hot and humid we turn on the AC. Before then we enjoy using the whole house attic fan to push out the hot air in the house and draw in the cooler air in the evenings. After the heat drops off for a few days, we don't usually turn the AC off and go back to the house fan because the humidity is the real killer. If the AC has been running all day to get the house cooler and dryer, if you open the windows up at night you undo all the work that went in through the whole day. You might be pulling in cooler air at night, but the next day when it gets hot again, the AC will have to work extra hard to get the humidity out of the inside air again. It works better if you just stick to the AC until the fall when you can turn it off for good.

Comment Re:Money Shots (Score 1) 565

Well, the 10K is for people getting killed by a gun, so that is bad and we must stop it! And the 116K is for people defending themselves from other violent people by using a gun, and that is bad and we must stop it. Only the police should be allowed to stop violent criminals. And they can stop by after they finish their donuts. And when they do show up they can shoot you or the neighbor and that is ok, since they are not a violent criminal or a self-defensing home-owner. [/sarchasm]

Comment Re:Game theory (Score 1) 364

In real life, Google has already seen a variation of this. When the car follows the rules exactly other people take advantage or don't understand what the vehicle is going to do and cut in front of the car. The example I am thinking of is how the car's actions had to be changed at stop signs. If it stopped completely and waited for it's turn the other people on the road would go instead of waiting. Instead they had to program some aggressive behavior that would creep the car forward when it felt it was it's turn. This is how people drive and how you communicate to the other people that it is your turn. If someone is staring at their feet instead of driving through the intersection, then I am going to take my turn first, but if they show they are ready to go when it is their turn, then they can go.

Somehow I doubt that sending thousands of videos a day showing other people cutting your turn at a stop sign would get much action from the police or the licensing departments.

Comment Re:I don't buy it (Score 1) 365

This may be unusual, but it is still less of a difference than the difference between driving and manual and driving an automatic.

If it was very different there would not be the same problem. If you had an up and a down button rather than a shifter it would be much more clear that you need to do something different from what you are used to doing. It would also be much more clear that you need to check the indicators to see which gear you are in. The fact that they made the gear shift look and feel like the older style makes your muscle memory act like it does in all the other cars you drive without thinking about it.

And for the people that are talking about getting used to it, that isn't as easy as you imply. My older Jeep has the electric window buttons in between the front seats instead of on the doors like most cars. If I am driving that vehicle regularly I get used to it. But if I drive the Honda for a few days, with the window switches on the doors, I then find myself reaching the wrong way when I am back in the Jeep. I see the sense of putting the switches in the middle, there is fewer of them needed and the passenger can operate all four widows when the driver is busy, but it still is confusing because the muscle memory means you reach to the door when you want to operate the windows. And muscle memory is probably the biggest point in this being a bad design. It isn't that people can't learn that it is different, it is that when you reach down to the shifter your arm does the motions you have learned without you even thinking about it. When that motion completes as expected you will not think about whether the desired outcome has been achieved. If the shifter moved left and right rather than up and down it would break your muscle memory when you tried to shift all the way up to park and it didn't move. Then you would need to actively think about the action rather than just doing it on autopilot.

Comment Re:Ever heard of the parking brake? (Score 1) 365

I don't ride, but isn't the 1N2... pattern a bit silly? When you get rolling, you have to tap the lever twice to go from 1 to 2 - doesn't that make it feel weird?

The N is actually half way between the 1 and 2. You have to gently push down from 2 or up from 1 to get into N. Going from 1 to 2 or from 2 to 1 is very easy to do and is the same motion as any other gear change, ie. 3 to 4.

Comment Re:false comparison... (Score 1) 771

The Ironic thing is that speakers and audio are analog signals and require analog inputs. With a "digital" headphone all you are doing is moving the DAC out to the headphones where the digital signal is converted to analog and pumped to the speakers. I see little point in a system that moves the DAC out onto the headphones and will probably require charging the headphones.

Plus the extra weight and size added to the headphones. Plus, your iPhone will now be incompatible with every other piece of audio equipment that has ever been made with an audio jack input. Of course, that is probably the point of this change.

Comment Re:It's a f... (Score 1) 559

This I disagree with. An intelligent ocean-based life form is going to have to find a way to work with steel to get to space, and that can't be done below the surface in any way I've ever been able to imagine.

Perhaps that just means you lack imagination or aren't really trying. What about underwater lava flows. If there is an intelligent underwater species they are going to start investigating their world. Or the invention of pumps and containers. I guess it would be impossible for an air living people to invent something like a vacuum chamber? I mean, that would never happen since they can't live without air. And they would not be able to experiments in this vacuum chamber would they? An underwater people could invent the same thing and perhaps try experiments with putting air in the chamber. Then you discover that metal can melt in high heat, etc.

Comment It's obvious the people are lying (Score 1) 596

They are saying the vehicle drove over 39 feet of planters to hit the building. The picture shows the plants and grass to be less than the length of the model x. The model x is only 198.3 long which comes out to 16 and 1/2 feet, less than half the distance they claimed it drove. I guess they don't care about the truth or verifiable facts.

Comment Re:By Example (Score 1) 515

I started on the TRS-80 also. Booted right to a green screen basic prompt. I had a rather large book on learning Basic with several various programs in there to type in. It had no disk drive so I had to type the program in again each day. Eventually I remember getting a tape recorder hooked up that could save the program to regular audio tape.

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