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Comment Re:As unpopular as it will be to hear... (Score 1) 155

We are currently having document compatibility problems with Excel 2016 and a computer with an older version of Excel. It complains about the 64 bit processor and certain calls. Yep, still a problem. And personally, I find LibreOffice to be a much better product where I never see compatibility problems.

Comment Re:3500 degrees (Score 2) 123

But that is the light from one sun. The way I understood that "what-if" was the process has to work in reverse. The focused light at the point has to be traceable back to where the light came from. But when you shine two light bulbs at a sheet of paper, you are not using lens to focus one bulb, you have two of them on top of each other. If you stand in front of two infrared heaters you will get warmer than if in front of one of them. But they aren't trying to make their heat hotter than their source by magnifying it in the "what-if" way that does not work.

Comment Re:i wonder if this is that difficult to do (Score 1) 130

I think it is pretty difficult. Some of the previous laser projects talked about firing a laser to make a path for the high powered laser to travel through the air path in. Without preparing the path the laser gets absorbed too much. You also have to measure how the laser is going to bend through different air densities and stuff, so I think the pre-laser helps there also.

Comment Re:For me as a service tech, this would be brillia (Score 1) 61

That would be very useful. That is the Hololens by Microsoft, not the Google Glass. Without head tracking you cannot overlay anything on top of the real world. The images and text will always be where they are in your vision and not overlayed on the real world. Think Heads Up Display rather than Augmented Reality.

Comment Re:just an AR headset (Score 1) 61

I would compare Google Glass to a heads up display. No one that I have ever heard has called the HUD in an airplane or automobile an Augmented Reality device. To put computer graphics over the real world around you, you must track the location and orientation of the persons head. You also need to track the objects around the user so you can make the graphics overlay or interact with the real world realistically.

So, no head tracking, then no AR!

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