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Comment Re: Question (Score 1) 321

Why is playing games 'not useful'?

- why, sure, if you can find somebody to pay you money so that you can play games then it's useful to that somebody. Unless they are *forced* to pay you money for playing games, then it's not useful, it's useless and worse, it's oppressive.

By participating in consumption and consumption only and by not producing while consuming, your life is not in any way helpful to those, who are producing whatever you are consuming.

Let's make it easy for you: 100 people on an island. 10 are producing every single thing needed for the 100 to survive. Unless the 90 are providing sexual or other types of favours, they are not producing anything of any value to provide the 10 with a meaningful exchange for their production.

However if the 90 gang up against the 10 and the 10 do not have enough weapons to take out the 90 without dying themselves, the 90 can force the 10 to be the slaves of the 90.

The 90 then would be eating, drinking, living in houses, using energy and every resource and good produced by the 10.

You can say: without the 90, the 10 would have nothing to do. Of-course that's pure nonsense. Without the 90 the 10 would have more leasure and less worries as they only have to produce for the 10. The 90 are adding nothing except for the effort that needs to go into feeding the 90.

Comment Re:You lost me at "full gold" (Score 1) 321

I assume you mean a currency backed by gold. A modern economy can't do that. There isn't enough gold to back the currency needed for us to keep track of all the transactions we're doing.

- 100% *wrong*. Today gold is money in a much more convenient way than ever before in the history of human existence.

It is government propaganda and brainwashing that created the ignorant believes that you and the vast majority of you are spewing here.

Communism doesn't work and will never work because it has to use force, that's the only reason it cannot work - it must use force to take from some and to deliver to many.

Comment Re:Anything incriminating? (Score 1) 433

Context is important here, and left vs. right is relative. Here in America, Democrats are "left" because there's only two parties with any real strength, so one's right and one's left, and it's undeniable that the Dems are to the left of the Reps (the degree is what's debatable). But yes, compared to politics in Europe, or even compared to the Green Party which is active here in the US, the Dems are definitely right-wing.

So no, not everyone who votes Democrat is a right-winger; anyone who's seriously left but wants to vote for a candidate who actually has a shot at winning has to vote Dem. Of course, this is what leads us to the current predicament too.... There really isn't any way around it though, thanks to Duverger's Law; it's very rare (though it does happen once in a while) that a 3rd party can rise up and gain power in a system that uses first-past-the-post (plurality) voting. The last time it happened here was when the Whig party died out and the Democratic-Republicans split into two.

Comment Re:Too Little, Too Late... (Score 1) 41

Odd, where do you live? Plenty of baseball and basketball OTA here in Springfield, IL, a pretty small city. If I want to watch a baseball game that's canle-only, well, that's what bars are for. Lots cheaper than cable.

The phrase "traditional cable or satellite" amuses me, as I was six before Sputnik (long before satellite TV) and thirty before I ever had cable. Growing up in a large metropolis (St. Louis) we only had three channels, now I have twelve in a FAR smaller market.

Comment Re:Your friend... (Score 1) 41

NOBODY should be on cable any more unless they live somewhere where there's just no signal. For everyone else, cable is obsolete.

In the early eighties, cable was a good deal. All your local stations without snow, ghosts, or static, and a dozen good, ad-free extra channels.

Now? TV has gone digital, which banished ghosts, snow, and static. Meanwhile, on cable they even have ads during the actual programming, and the stations like Discovery and History have gone completely to hell. Discovery used to be science, now it's "trick my truck". History used to be about history, now it's "ice road truckers" or some such nonsense.

But 500 channels! Yeah? How many can you watch at once? Why would I have any interest in the four or five channels devoted completely to golf when I hate that game? Or the dozen channels with nothing but women's programs? Why do I need CNN and four more like it when I have Google News for free?

Cable is obsolete.

Charge fifty cents per month for channel I actually watch and you MIGHT get me as a customer... but I don't watch much TV, anyway.

Comment Re:No fallacy. H1B designed for geniuses, Kaku is (Score 1) 228

listen to Kaku's explanation in the video.

This country (and apparently everyone else's) has a terrible aliteracy problem. There's hardly any illiteracy, but the last I read, only something like 3% of Americans read a book last year.

I for one do NOT want to see a talking head. A video that actually uses the video to demonstrate something is fine, but I can read five times as fast as you can talk and get a hell of a lot more out of it.

Comment Most advertising is geared towards idiots (Score 1) 2

"100% natural! It must be really good for you! What's in it?"

"Snake venom, Mandrake root, and sewage!"

I try to avoid the chains. Ate breakfast at D&J's this morning, little locally-owned place. I do like La Bamba, a Mexican diner with Mexican food made from Mexican recipes by Mexicans. Can't stand Taco Gringo. I usually get lunch at the bar down the street.

Funny, my grandmother's diet was what they say will kill you; eggs fried in bacon grease, etc. She lived a hundred years, outliving the five doctors who all said if she didn't cut down on her cholesterol intake she'd die.

Comment Re:as someone who is suffering from this... (Score 0) 228

Welcome to the real world, the world that businesses had to operate in for all this time, when the scales were tipped to the other side, the side where the collectivist government was able to force businesses whatever the mob wanted.

I build my own products and services and also on a side I provide outsourcing services. Guess what, companies are looking for relief. When I say 'companies' I am talking about small and medium sized businesses that work with me, not giant corporations, they have their own outsourcing solutions and they are unapproachable. But they are not the only ones who understand that the American system of government made the American worker so unproductive as to basically turn him or her unemployable.

Comment Re:Doing Trump's work for him (Score 1) 433

It's worse than that: the law references birth certificates, so a "package inspection" isn't going to catch people who have had transition surgery. So this means they need to require everyone to carry around a birth certificate and present it when using the restroom, and they need police at every public restroom on government property to check this.

Comment Re:Justice? (Score 1) 298

How so, if they're adults? Now if it's a father and a daughter that just turned 18, yeah, I can see that being problematic as he may have been molesting her before that age and no one knew (or did anything).

But if it's a brother and sister and they're both 35, I'm sorry, that's none of the government's business or anyone else's. Really, once you get over 30, I don't see how it's complicated at all, because by that age, someone who didn't consent has had plenty of time to leave the situation.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 433

WTF??? This is patently absurd.

Klingons have a rich warrior culture that values honor above all else. They made that abundantly clear in countless episodes.

Humans (in this universe we inhabit) do not have a warrior culture, and definitely do not value honor. If we did, we would not be about to elect Trump or Hillary (or almost anyone else that was running).

The Klingons most resemble various old traditional cultures, such as the Japanese Samurai culture, which of course is long dead.

The ST race that was meant to most resemble modern humans is the Ferengi: profit above all. However, even the Ferengi had some real values; they thought it was important to properly assist underdeveloped cultures to develop economically and technologically, so that they could become good trading partners. Bombing them into submission was not part of their ethic.

No, I think the Terran Empire depicted in several ST episodes (not just "Mirror, Mirror", but also an excellent ENT 2-parter called "In a Mirror, Darkly") is a very accurate depiction of modern human culture transposed into a future with warp drive.

But I do agree with your final assessment about good humans being the tiny tiny minority.

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