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Comment Interaction with Christians Evolutionists (Score 4, Interesting) 1142

There is a small percentage of Christians, such as myself, who adamantly believe in both evolution and Christianity. We believe that scripture must be read and interpreted through a context that understands that scripture should be interpreted by first considering the culture of the original audience. As such, we believe that the "historical" aspect of the Biblical account of creation isn't as important as understanding the purpose and point of all of "creation", humankind and who we are in relation to our creator. My intent is not to lecture on the creation of mankind. Instead, I am interested in knowing if you've ever spoken or debated much with other Christians who have similar beliefs as myself. For many of us, evolution is unquestionable! However, the sheer existence of such truth does not exclude the fact that a creator couldn't have been a part in the process. Much of your Christian (or other religious) interactions that I've observed tend to involve arguing against the most commonly propagated beliefs of creationism. I am interested in your thoughts, on such a different perspective, as my own. Please comment. Thank you so much.

Submission + - Looking for an Excellent Resources on Excessively 1

rhartness writes: "I am a long time Software Engineer, however, almost all of my work has been developing server-side, intranet applications or applications for the Windows desktop environment. With that said, I have recently come up with an idea for a new website which would require extremely high levels of security (i.e. I need to be sure that my servers are as 100% rock-solid, unhackable as possible.) I am an experienced developer, and I have a general understanding of web security, however, I am clueless of what is requires to create a web server that is as secure as, say, a banking account management system.

Can the Slashdot community recommend good websites, books or any other resources that thoroughly discuss the topic of setting up a small web server or network for hosting a site that is as absolutely secure as possible?"

Comment Re:Missing Option : Blowing Sh*t Up! (Score 1) 301

I would have just shot milk out of my nose if I had been drinking any. I live in the South-East US and I couldn't get to sleep last night because people were blowing things up from 10:00 PM until well past mid-night.

I guess it was a good night-- there have yet to be any reports on the local news of anyone blowing off any fingers or setting any homes on fire.

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