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Comment Re:Replacing CMD (Score 3, Insightful) 65

Actually, CMD would be in theoretically worse shape if evaluated apples to apples. However, powershell *puroports* to have security features like execution policies and signing, so it draws more scrutiny. Those are pretty much useless in practice because a cmd script is not subjected to that scrutiny and can just modify the executionpolicy of powershell at will if it really wanted to do some nefarious stuff that required powershell (though they could easily use pretty much any language they want).

Comment Re:no (Score 5, Insightful) 218

Your excuses are terribly lame. The mail is trivial to use. A disk player is trivial to use. Your whining about wires is also lame.

If you aren't willing to plug something into your TV, then you have to be content with "smart TV" features that suck or broadcast TV.

But if you insist on depriving yourself, that's your own problem.

Comment Re:God no (Score 2) 67

In this day and age, any hardware causing a BSOD or freeze, I will assume faulty and remove.

I can't honestly remember the last time I saw one that wasn't caused by that.

The last BSOD I saw was 3 years ago while building a set of IBM BladeCenter blades. Their RAID card crashes if the default MS driver loads on 2012R2. 2012R2 wasn't officially supported at that point, so it was fair enough, but even then all I had to do was create an install disk with the IBM-supplied drivers (many YEARS ahead of the default MS ones) and it's worked flawlessly for years since on a number of BladeCenters without a problem under 2012R2 and heavy load.

As a programmer, I can justify that - literally the MS driver is so out of date it can't have been written when that hardware was made, and it's not as "compatible" as the 2012 driver, or the 2008 driver but advertises itself to be and the vanilla Windows Setup (which has nothing else compatible with that hardware) tries to load it but BSOD because the hardware isn't what it was expecting. It was instant (on loading the driver via Windows Setup), reproducible, and obvious.

Slipstream the Windows install and supplement the MS driver with anything written SINCE then and it picks the better driver and just works. That's fine by me. And an issue you'd only experience when doing major system upgrades or first-installs.

But a BSOD other than that? I can't even remember. Had a couple of client drive failures and still no BSOD (wouldn't boot, but you'd expect problems beforehand). I would have to say it's been probably 8-9 years since any BSOD that wasn't obviously explainable (hardware obviously failing, computer overheating, or problems like the above).

But a BSOD just because you updated a driver and reboot? No way. Why would you tolerate that on even a personal machine? That's data loss just waiting to happen.

BSOD my machine without an obvious reason why (and not just "it's a new driver" or "it's not the latest driver") and your hardware will be replaced.

I have a gaming laptop. I update the nVidia drivers precisely "when required" (i.e. a new game literally won't load without an update). That means I'm miles behind on versions. I kill all the taskbar apps and get rid of the dual-driver junk and whatever else, in any way I can. Still no BSOD. And when I update, the worst I expect is - very briefly - running on the internal Intel graphics until the new driver kicks in after a reboot.

BSOD died with Windows XP, and those were mainly because it was hard to isolate processes from each other etc. If you have ANY piece of kit that still gives you them in anything even approaching a reproducible or frequent way, ditch it and buy something else.

Same for kernel dumps (unless you've been fiddling with the kernel, they shouldn't happen) or whatever equivalent on Mac.

Comment Re:Great System (Score 4, Insightful) 207

That system's in use all over the world.

The administrative burden of JUST ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE is far too high and would actually cost you more.

On Thursdays (I think), you can't drive a truck through Italy. Same thing.

As soon as you get into registered lists, issuing stickers or permits, etc. it gets so expensive that you don't want to do it.

You can do it fairly, cheaply, or easily enforceable. Pick any two.

Comment Re:IL had free rides to all senior citizens 2008-2 (Score 1, Offtopic) 207

IL had free rides to all senior citizens 2008-2011 costs forced them to cut it to just low-income seniors.

No, there are no free rides. What you mean is, "Illinois decided to have taxpayers buy rides for certain people from 2008 to 2011" ... and ... "they couldn't get the taxpayers to pay even more, so they cut down the number of rides the taxpayers were buying to a more select group of those certain people."

Comment Re:Sigh (Score 1) 172

And it's lying.

YOU are not 100% vegan. You have added 1 vegan to the world.

YOU are still a meat-eater.

Could you imagine the delicious irony, for example, of the head of the vegan society eating meat "but that's alright, because I pay some other guy not to"?

It's misleading. "Google" are not 100% renewable. They are paying someone else to be, while still pulling the same power as they always have.

As you note, the result is still the same. Google as still pulling just as much power as they ever have from non-renewable sources. They've just paid someone else to make renewable power elsewhere too.

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