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Comment Re:My concerns (Score 2) 249

Plants LOVE CO2. If you take any modern plant and put it in a CO2 rich environment, it'll grow faster. Ask any pot grower.

Plants evolved when there was more CO2 in the atmosphere than now. We're going back to that era, because we've burned all the coal and oil that was laid down over millions of years back then. LISTEN: it took millions of years for that CO2 to be removed from the air, and we've put it all back in 100 years. THERE WILL BE CONSEQUENCES. It's too late to do anything. Politics be damned. Unless we start removing CO2 from the air (which costs money nobody wants to pay) costal cities will be flooded, coral reefs will die, and it'll take MANY THOUSANDS of years for life to recover. This is just fact. You already screwed us, thanks.

Comment It's too late (Score 2) 249

It's already too late to do anything. Millions of years ago, the Earth was covered by forests. The trees died, as plants and animals do, and this was before mushrooms. If a tree falls in the forest, do mushrooms eat it? These days, yeah, but back then, no. So millions of years ago a lot of plant material turned into coal. We've dug up almost half of it and burned it. All that CO2, sequestered for hundreds of millions of years, has been released into the atmosphere. It took literally millions of years for all that CO2 to be sequestered, and we've released it in 150 years. No, there's no going back. Get used to it.

Comment Re:In other words ... (Score 1) 117

Let's not forget about the creepy targeted ads that are mostly useless. After I buy a product, I see ads for it. That's a complete waste of time and bandwidth. The people pushing this crap are idiots, they only want to make a buck at someone else's expense, and there's no question of "ethics"---it's an invasion of privacy and I feel perfectly happy blocking ads and never visiting websites that push such garbage. There are many sites that operate on a "user-supported" basis, where you can choose to pay them directly in exchange for never seeing an ad. I donate to sites that I use and like. There is no need for ads.

Comment Re:Remember the hole in the ozone layer? (Score 3, Informative) 639


Science learns as it goes.

So science is NEVER "settled"?!?!?!?

Who knew!

It turns out to be part of the foundation of Science. In Mathematics, you *can* prove things. Done. That's the difference between math and science. You can never prove anything in Science, you can only *disprove* things. "Our earlier hypothesis turned out to be wrong. It turns out that the Earth is not flat. Also domestic sheep have evolved into a new species, they can no longer mate with wild-type sheep. Who knew? Well, some people did. Just not you."

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