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Comment Re:Really shows how far ahead they were (Score 1) 115

I'm sure lots of companies had interesting designs and prototypes and based on this article, I'd say Atari had more interesting and forward thinking projects at that time. I'm just reading the new book on Atari's early history and there were some amazing things being worked on. Alas, almost none saw the light of day.

Comment Re:A Mature Local Machine Product vs Immature Clou (Score 1) 346

You're not wrong but we did try to ensure this didn't happen by having the passwords in sealed envelopes in the safe. We also ensured any key people moving on did a KT session to ensure other people knew how it all worked plus we documented it all as much as possible. That said, as soon as the one manager who was switched on left (and I'd gone by then) it all went downhill rapidly and within a year all the systems had fallen into disuse and/or been replaced by massively more expensive ones.

Comment Re:A Mature Local Machine Product vs Immature Clou (Score 4, Insightful) 346

I find it quite depressing how little firms use macros etc. Many years ago we had a Lotus 123 system that read in a text file of account transactions from a mainframe then scanned each one, pulling in custom pricing for each client via additional sheets, formatting and printing a bill for each one with breakdown before issuing a charging schedule. Worked great for 2000 plus clients a month. With Excel and Word plus macros we built some very sophisticated and functional pricing tools and even a tool that optimized cash collection routes for a security firm. These days, people don't even know macros exist.
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Submission + - No Charges in UK for Gary McKinnon ( 1

clickclickdrone writes: Computer hacker Gary McKinnon, who is wanted in the US, will not face charges in the UK, the Crown Prosecution Service has said.

Director of Public Prosecutions Keir Starmer QC said the chances of a successful conviction were "not high".

He announced the decision some three months after Home Secretary Theresa May stopped the extradition.

Mr McKinnon, 46, admits accessing US government computers but says he was looking for evidence of UFOs.

The US authorities tried to extradite him to face charges of causing $800,000 (£487,000) to military computer systems and he would have faced up to 60 years in prison if convicted.

Comment Re:Thank God I don't work in the US (Score 1) 670

And it's also worth noting that on the basis of all that tempting full pay deal, In the last 4 years I've had 5 days off total. The year before that I was very ill with post viral fatigue and had 5 weeks off. Point being, the system worked for me when I was genuinely ill and in return, I don't take advantage of it unless I really need it. You know, everyone being grown up about it.

Comment Thank God I don't work in the US (Score 1) 670

Seriously. I get full pay for 6 months then half pay for six months if I'm off sick. Does that make my country a filthy commie country? Does that make me a freeloader? A loser? No it's treating people like humans. Sometimes people get sick. That's bad enough without making them fear for their jobs and homes as a result. It's inhumane.

Comment Re:Every cancer is different (Score 4, Informative) 71

may just end up detecting many small cancers

Exactly. ISTR reading that at any one time, most people have dozens of small 'cancers' but in most cases, the body destroys them before they get a hold. It's only when our own defences fail that the cancer goes on to become a 'proper' one and become a health hazard.

Comment Every cancer is different (Score 4, Insightful) 71

The reason it's so hard to treat and there are so many treatments is that each and every cancer has it's own unique fingerprint in terms of how it works, what it responds to.

It would be nice but I can't see any one test being able to identify all possibilities any time soon. As the article says, it's a step.

Comment Re:Google Groups next? (Score 1) 204

Spot on. The original Usenet archive was a great resource, especially the older stuff. A fantastic history and repository of knowledge that was starting to be lost. When google first took it over, it was ok but slowly it had been made harder and harder to find the actual Usenet posts amongst the ads,forums etc. Heck, even forcing it to a specific newsgroup by name often fails to find tuff you know damned well is there.

Comment Re:Work from home? (Score 1) 67

That means, if you start December 1, then on January 1 you can submit your invoice for December. At the end of January you get paid for that invoice (for the work you did in December).

But on the plus side, the other end you can put your feet up for a few weeks and still get paid!

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