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Comment Me too (Score 1) 8

Intermittent. Been looking for a pattern but can detect none thus far. FF on Linux/Android.

Can't seem to bypass the Mobile View thing, either, when using my tablet. I always have to use the FF "Request Desktop Site" thingo, which is bloody annoying as the only difference between the old and new mobile versions is that they suck in slightly different ways, and one of the reasons I bought the fucking tablet in the first place was to have a portable with a big enough screen that I could surf at normal res blah blah blah hmpf mmpf rrrmpff!

Comment Re:texinfo is good for writing documentation (Score 1) 173

Texinfo is is a decent format for writing documentation in - nicer and less verbose than HTML or DocBook.

You have got to be kidding. That's true only in the sense that making the trip from Stockholm to Vladivostok via dogsled might be a "decent" mode of travel.

Aside from the fact that it's Just Plain Horrid(TM) to read or write in source format, TexInfo suffers from the same problem that HTML does: No semantics.

The reason that DocBook is so "verbose" is that it actually indicates what things are.

And knowing what things are can be very helpful.

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