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Comment Re:texinfo is good for writing documentation (Score 1) 173

Texinfo is is a decent format for writing documentation in - nicer and less verbose than HTML or DocBook.

You have got to be kidding. That's true only in the sense that making the trip from Stockholm to Vladivostok via dogsled might be a "decent" mode of travel.

Aside from the fact that it's Just Plain Horrid(TM) to read or write in source format, TexInfo suffers from the same problem that HTML does: No semantics.

The reason that DocBook is so "verbose" is that it actually indicates what things are.

And knowing what things are can be very helpful.

Comment Re:Default to HTML yet? (Score 2) 173

have you seen the HTML that gets generated from TeXInfo?

(Did they ever figure out how to output *valid* HTML? */me recalls many hours spent looking out over acres and acres of crossed and mismatched tags, and weeping softly to himself...*)

Plain old man pages (especially when nicely rendered in KDE's Konqueror web browser by typing "#program-name" into the URL box) ...

Fuck me! Been using KDE since 2004 and I had NO idea you could do that. (Works with Konq in both KDE 3 and 4, BTW.)

Thanks for the tip!

Comment Re:Yes, spin it that way, why don't you. (Score 1) 173

Sorry, but the world works the way it works, and does not magickally conform itself to your views on How Things Should Be.

I don't like perl, either. ("Loathe" might not be too strong a term.) But neither am I foolish enough to believe that I am likely to wind up with a usable Linux or FreeBSD system if I try to set one of those up without it.

Comment Re:Will an end user notice this speed degradation? (Score 1) 173

Hooray. Nice to see they finally got round to supporting Unicode. Structured docs. Woohoo. Multiple formatting backends. Yippee.

DocBook XML has had all these things from the beginning, and thus we (ubiquitous FOSS project) dumped TexInfo in favour of DBXML 6 or 7 years ago as the source format for all our end user docs.

I do not miss TexInfo one bit.

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