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Comment I have an idea (Score 1) 174

how about China and Russia pull the plug on their WWW connection, and make something like a Local Area Network that functions like the internet but only inside their national borders so the rest of the free world can enjoy their internets without some draconian rules imposed by totalitarian state

in short i would like to say "FUCK YOU to the UN, China & Russia and any other totalitarian bigwigs that want to stifle free speech and the freedom to share ideas and free software, and free music and video

Comment ASSembled in America? (Score 0) 266

you know America is plural, dont confuse America with the USA because all the following nations are included in the Americas

United States

Costa Rica
El Salvador

Dominican Republic
Saint Kitts/ Nevis
Saint Lucia
Saint Vincent

French Guiana

Comment it is ignorant to do business in mexico (Score 0, Offtopic) 85

mexico is one of the most criminal states in the world, the US Govt and mainstream media blather on about terrorists half-way around the world in the middle-east yet ignore the drug smuggling terrorists just south of the border, and yes some of it has spilled over to the USA's side of the border

I think i know why marijuana and other drugs continues to be illegal is because the government covertly does a lot of this smuggling for profits, and it helps the police state with lots of drug money and properties confiscated, and the private prison system gets all that cheap labor too

Comment how about this (Score 1) 445

no more AM/FM CDplayers coming stock with automobiles, just include an empty hole that will fit either a double din sized aftermarket stereo, plus have 12VDC terminals and speaker wires with stock speakers already installed, it is easy for people to wire up their own preference in electronics but the speaker system should be kept at a standard OHM and already installed in the dash and doors or wherever the automobile accommodates room for speaker systems

Comment the govt does not have any room to talk (Score 4, Insightful) 423

considering the freight train load of criminal activity they perpetrate every fucking day of the year for decades. and just recently what comes to mind is smuggling guns to mexico, drones murdering innocent bystanders in their lame attempt at killing militants & terrorists, bailing out banks after they criminally squandered billions of dollars, and that is just a few recent things, the list could be made so big that even /. wont let it be posted

Comment to hell with those intolerant religious whackos (Score 1) 1160

if i want to post pictures of mohammad and allah tag teaming a goat and a pig that is my freedom of speech, they dont have to like it but it does not give them the right to go on a psycho murder spree while burning down buildings and looting,

who is the primitive violent heathen now

Comment Remember the "DC Madam"? (Score 1, Troll) 533

she had quite a clientele, many were politicians in high places in washington, she was mysteriously suicided (murdered?) and i think she had a clientele book that mysteriously disappeared too, probably had some important washington politician's names in it and their fetishes and favorite whores...

Comment what they should do is (Score 4, Insightful) 678

they should do their own censoring and leave the rest of the world's internets alone, china did it, what nations should do is change their system to a nationwide LAN (sortof), and when connecting to websites served from IP address of other nations it should go through a filter if that is what they want to do, if i want to look at naked women eating barbecue pork while holding poker chips with her twat that is my business and should not be of any concern of some religious zealots in some other nation

Comment STFU! and put your money where your mouth is (Score 2) 257

one of the richest most greediest companies in the world telling one of the most corrupt government's in the world where to spend money, this is laughable. it is going to take a lot to overhaul the education system, and a lot more than throwing money at it, it is going to take a fundamental change in the people that run the educational system, plus the children getting educated need a better frame of mind,

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