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Comment Same-screen multiplayer (Score 2) 245

gee I wish I could play this with my friend

That's why the Xbox 360 console has multiple USB ports for connecting wired controllers and a built-in receiver for pairing multiple wireless controllers. PCs can technically do that too, but it's not traditionally done. The selection of games that support multiplayer on one machine is consoles' big advantage over PCs.

Comment sync(2) (Score 1) 736

Then, all of the sudden, you grind to a halt when the cache fills. You won't see any progress, sometimes for minutes

Even if you can't predict the caching mechanism, you can control it in some cases. Issue a sync() call (or syncfs(fileno(fp)) if available) before the copy begins, before every change in top-level folder (e.g. /opt vs. /usr vs. /etc vs. /home), and after every 10 percent.

Comment Re:Various reasons (Score 1) 736

You can calculate the total size in a background thread which just goes through stating everything alongside the actual copies. Sure, it'll compete with the copy commands for disk access, but it won't add latency to the start of the copy.

It'd be just as bad in practice as the infamous "Calculating the time required to copy the files" step in Windows, especially for protocols like FTP where switching to each folder to do the equivalent of stat has a round-trip latency hit and where servers limit the number of threads that a copy operation can use, often to one thread per user.

Comment Case in point: SeaMonkey (Score 1) 314

It'd be great if Opera released a light version with just the browser, but I don't think you'd really see huge improvements by removing those features simply because they are so well integrated.

Case in point: Is SeaMonkey significantly larger than Mozilla Firefox?

Comment Information useful for support (Score 1) 736

[The overal progress is] the only part of the UI that is significant for the user. The rest is clutter. As a geek you might be interested

No software marketed for home use is perfect on its first release, and tidbits interesting to "a geek" are probably useful for support while taking fewer resources than a full debug build. For example, reviews that mention that "the progress bar stops for a while on discombobulating splines" or "the ETA stops decreasing for a while on discombobulating splines" are a signal to the developer that he incorrectly estimated the fraction of time that "discombobulating splines" takes on end users' hardware, and that the next version should make "discombobulating splines" faster or expand the step's time estimate. Or would you prefer to solve this by giving one manufacturer a monopoly in order to limit the variety of end users' hardware?

Comment Re:Linux == rounding error (Score 1) 290

the point is not that they should actively care about LInux, but rather that they should not actively obstruct it

On Linux, DRM means something else entirely. What facility does the GNU/Linux platform offer to ensure that all high-definition video outputs are tee-resistant?[1] Answer this and I'll address your comment about the difference between "care about" and "not obstruct".

[1] man tee

Comment Raw input; gamepads (Score 1) 380

The main issue is control inputs. Windows doesn't support more than one mouse input

For one thing, Windows since Windows XP has offered the Raw Input API. Rag Doll Kung Fu anyone? For another, Windows since Windows 98 has offered support for multiple gamepads through DirectInput and later XInput. Gamepad users could use the control bindings for the existing port of Minecraft to Xbox 360.

Comment Batman is a trademark (Score 2) 102

Nor will Warner Bros., given the name of one of the projects involved in this effort:

movement [of devices] and changes are a constant factor, making the burden of maintaining reliable routing information difficult enough to a inspire a new routing project, called the Better-Approach-To-Mobile-Adhoc-Network (BATMAN).

Warner owns the trademark for BATMAN, and I'm guessing this trademark is probably famous to qualify for dilution protection.

Comment Re:Linux == rounding error (Score 1) 290

We haven't seen the same shift for movies, because they had tighter DRM

That and because the vast majority of movies and TV shows aren't watched more than once,[1] making a rental model more viable than a model that anticipates only purchases. Read the BBC's comment linked from the summary.

[1] Except for G-rated animated films, which play into a small child's greater tolerance for repetition: "I wanna watch Sin-duh-weh-wuh again."

Comment Re:Long-term exclusive distribution contracts (Score 1) 159

If the price difference is large enough, the film's copyright owner doesn't have to 'allow' anything, they just have to not have any recourse when somebody in country A buys a containerload of cheap DVDs and ships them to country B. First sale, no unauthorized copies made, etc.

Perhaps these long-term exclusive distribution contracts require the film's copyright owner to do its best to grant such a recourse to a regional distributor.

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