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Comment There are sex offenders and then there are rapists (Score 1) 393

The funny thing is that people that makes comments like yours DON'T have children

You are correct that I have no children of my own, but I have babysat my aunt's children.

I have 3 registered sex offenders that live within 2 miles of my house

Did these people become registered sex offenders for unwanted sexual contact with another person or just for urinating in public? And is there a reason parents can't just teach their children to stay away from sex offenders' residences rather than just playing indoors all the time?

Comment SAT and ACT demand buttons (Score 1) 233

Anonymous Coward wrote:

Are we paying for buttons here?

You're paying for buttons because SAT and ACT demand buttons. It's like the handheld video game market, where the developer pays for buttons by navigating the developer and game approval of Sony (PSP/PS Vita) and Nintendo (DS/3DS) for games in genres that aren't very suitable for a phone's touch screen.

Comment Size of target market (Score 1) 233

target markets have never meant much to geeks

Unless the target market ends up not big enough, in which case the product never gets mass-produced or falls out of production because not enough people want it. This happened to 4" tablets priced for use without a cellular data plan (such as the Nokia N810 in North America and the three years of Android prior to Galaxy Player introduction in October 2011), it happened to 3-4" tablets with a gamepad (such as GP2X), and it happened to 10" laptops at the end of last year.

Comment A corrupt legislature can accept misinterpretation (Score 1) 164

[Courts can] retroactively change the meaning of a law, and if they do so in a way too blatant it'll annoy the legislators enough

Despite Wickard v. Filburn being what strict constructionists have called a blatant misinterpretation of the scope of "commerce among the several states" under the U.S. Constitution, it still hasn't annoyed legislators.

Comment Can make its misinterpretation binding (Score 1) 164

The Supreme Court cannot 'reach a ruling in contradiction with the law'. While courts can interprate the law, they cannot operate outside of it or even create law.

In legal systems that have the concept of binding precedent, the Supreme Court can completely misinterpret a statute and make its misinterpretation binding on lower courts.

Comment 160 columns on 10" display (Score 1) 179

Two 80-column text editor windows side by side on a 10" screen? That would mean an extremely small font.

On a 1024x600 pixel netbook display, it'd mean a 6 pixel wide font. Currently, Terminal is using Droid Sans Mono 9, IDLE and gedit are configured with Liberation Mono 8, and Leafpad uses Droid Sans Mono 8.

Sounds just painful.

In practice, 6 pixel wide monospace fonts haven't been painful to me, especially with subpixel antialiasing and the fact that a laptop display sits closer than the arm's length of a desktop PC's external monitor.

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