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Comment Re:Conratulations. (Score 2, Interesting) 427

it was true when step motors were much more expensive. Hardly the case since some 30yrs.

Also, phillips now are used to maximize screwing by hand. which is done by using a beveled head in a edged screw. anyway, that's not the point.

For a more on-topic note, see the screws Nintendo uses on their crap. it's a triangular phillips screwdriver. Openly used for the sole purpose of not letting kids open the damn thing.

Comment Re:Why the hate towards bt? (Score 0, Troll) 69

I'm sure that Google could have finalized their Bluetooth API by now if they wanted to.

The scary thing is the idea that Google might be considering going the same route as Apple: a proprietary Bluetooth protocol that they can license and control, rather then supporting the Bluetooth standards. That wouldn't be like Google, but it is otherwise hard to understand their hesitation.

yeah! and that way you can only connect to google web search bluetooth API. riiiigth.

apple sells crap expensive machines. they must lock you in.

Comment Re:Obligatory BeOS quote (Score 1) 411


Here's what Be's CEO Jean-Louis Gass&eacute;e had to say in 2001 about what happened:
</p><blockquote><div><p>There is no technical reason why CompUSA customers shouldn't be able to walk out of the shop with a machine that asks "Which OS do you want to use today?" upon boot. And yet, even today [2001], after several years of relentless news about how Linux is ready for the general desktop and business customer, one does not find dual-boot

I recall when my father bought and IBM aptiva a long time ago.

It shipped with both Windows 95 and OS/2 WARP.

At boot time you could select which one you would like to use, or both. then it would finish the instalation asking for some of the CDs. and voila. I recall using dual boot windows/os2 with the default installer.

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