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Comment Re:Done right (Score 1) 120

Unicomp seems to be well off, Wikipedia: "Recently, Unicomp has begun expanding their product line. Due to customer demand showing that this was no longer a special request, Unicomp now sells beige, black, and colored key caps, with printing and without. In addition, Unicomp sells replacement parts for older IBM/Lexmark keyboards, and will repair just about any keyboard manufactured by themselves, IBM, or Lexmark." (emphasis mine)

No wonder if you are based on the Model M (I own two, both from the beginning of the 90ies).


Comment Re:Indeed, you follow the money, you find the crim (Score 1) 146

Go to a financial power center, find the center of crime. Well dressed, groomed, prepared, by an army specialists in PR, marketing, design, security, privacy, and secrecy. But it is laying around there, somewhere. Most surely, the evidence and main coverup is in the security, legal, and accounting divisions. Enron was never alone.

Bad thing that the criminals are those who are seen as successful. Somehow, values clarification did not work in the past century (so the starting point, strangely, coincides with the establishment of the Federal Reserve System - no, i will not mention the air of the "Elders of Zion" - forgery or not - except in a side note).


Comment TLAs (Score 1) 146

I recall that there were rumours that TLAs scanned e-mails for certain keywords which gave birth to sigsalikes containing lists of them. I am too lazy to determine the time this was (can't remember exactly, perhaps a decade ago), but I think the Chinese were not (really) on the net yet, thus did not invent the path to destroy privacy.


Comment Re:Product design mentality (Score 1) 587

the concept of "more features == better"

... is there to press you into buying the most expensive instance to get all features that you need, besides a lot of gimmicks you'll never use. At least, this is my experience, especially with cars, but also with hifi-equipment as well as a variety of household appliances, among others.


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