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Comment Re:Tesla is responsible for GM developing the Volt (Score -1) 191

The Tesla is every businessman's dream. The product that caused his competitor to commit suicide. Let's see. The government is backing Telsa to compete with their own product, the Volt. Only in today's America. The batteries are good enough to make the drive to and from work in the Bay Area. How will they perform in North Dakota? Elon Musk has a history of swindling the tax payer. If Romney wins the election, that will end.

Comment Capital markets? (Score -1) 191

Tesla can't obtain money from the capital markets so they find it necessary to swindle Californians instead. Tire of their yachts and Segways, this is a subsidy for the next expensive trifle purchase of the Silicon Valley elite. But California likes pain, apparently. They vote the democrats in. Its as Mitt says, "The democrats pick only losers."

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