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Comment Re:Texas would like to think of it as a hypothesis (Score 0) 763

I'm not sure evolution exists outside of as a philosophy. I know of no human beings who have lived for more than 2 million years, nor do we have historical record before the beginning of our species.

It's a pretty good model though. But one should not confuse model with reality.

Comment I cannot point to a single lie (Score 1) 3

But his body has betrayed him, and a 21st century Pope needs the ability to handle a TransAtlantic flight. So it is a good thing, I think, for him to retire.

May the next Pope be an African, or a South American Latino! Now that would shake things up- moving the conversation away from abortion and gay marriage, to polygamy and witchcraft.....

Comment Re:Texas would like to think of it as a hypothesis (Score 1) 763

Everything has something to say about morals, if you understand the concept of rational objective morality. It always amazes me that people who can understand the concept of objective science, think that morality can possibly be subjective in an objective universe.

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