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Comment the rules... (Score 1) 384

1. Don't be a theorist -- profile your code! Only consider code for deletion that's not actually used in production
2. If the code you want to delete code can't be profiled (e.g. its within a method), be creative... refactor it out into a method and profile.... Or write a log entries to disk.
3. Now delete the code - be bold!
4. ... But make sure your tests pass
5. Get your change reviewed
6. Get your build UAT tested by 'the business'... perhaps by bundling with other minor changes
7. Along with a deployment plan, have a rollback plan (and a rollback build).

You notice I didn't say "use version control". Version control is good for managing the development process. Its not a shortcut to manage the entire software change process.

Comment Your tests weren't buggy ... (Score 1) 169

I've seen a vendor issue a super-urgent patch. IIRC, it contained an update to an expiring CA certificate. They could have forseen this issue with time-shift testing of the type you did (which 'breaks' your test, but it also proves the need to install update CA certs by a future date)

My other post has an example why time-shift testing is important.
(It was the same vendor in both cases)

Comment Re:Why? (Score 2) 169

See this link for an example:

webMethods' 'Trading Networks' B2B integration software (now owned by Software AG) used a GUID-generator routine which created 24-byte GUIDs for processing B2B documents. One of the inputs to this routine was the number of milliseconds between UTC and UNIX epoch.

One day in 2004, the progress of time caused 25-byte GUIDs to be created. Trading Networks tried to insert these into a database column whose width was 24 bytes. So, at the same instant worldwide, none of their customers used this software could process B2B transactions!

Comment Side effects (Score 1) 358

Cool, but keep count of those rapidly decreasing neuronal telomeres... as pot snips them away.

Me, I prefer my brain cells regenerate when I need them. Like, when I get old

One last thing - marijuana is neuroprotective, but the likely mechanism is this...
[ ]

"Perhaps the current best guess for how these chemicals [Cannabinoids] provide their protective effects is that their general dampening of neural activity reduces excitotoxicity (damage caused by overly excited neurons)."

That's right, it dopes the brain down...

Comment Its true (Score 1) 358

A friend of mine is a heavy pot smoker in his late 40s. It has damaged his intellect and health (shaky hands, etc.) But he continues to defend his drug habit, except for this one thing...

He told me about a young friend of his, that he once introduced to pot. The young fellow had a psychotic episode _when smoking pot the first time_. Since then, he's not been right in the head (i.e its caused some sort of permanent mental damage).

Others can count this as hearsay, but I heard this first hand from someone who _loves_ pot. This study just backs that up. I'd urge you to kick the habit.

Comment False premises (Score 1) 610

"'Wouldn't a more powerful sense of security come from knowing your children were capable, and trusting in their ability to reach out for help at the moment when they realize they're not?'"

Yes, but children are not fully capable, may not be full able, and may not realize they're in a sticky situation... that's why we shouldn't rush to condemn folks who use such devices.

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