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Comment Has pulseaudio ever worked? (Score 1) 1051

I have never understood it. When I have pulseaudio running many processes which try to play music stop, because they are waiting for the sound device to become idle. This was also the reason why Gnome could not be able to login.

When using FreeBSD I even switch all this Linux daemon crap off. OSS can do audio mixing natively and I have never had problems with it... I even did not know about all the problems which exist on Linux with all these audio daemons. This seems to be a total mess.

Comment Re:Heh (Score 2) 348

Why does SMART suck?

When I watch the SMART values and events I can tell about 3 weeks in advance before a hard drive fails. Also, the manufacturers watch the SMART values to check if a replacement can be offered or if you made some mistake.

To me SMART does not lie, but reports too much. It reports every replaced sector which is totally unimportant, especially when you buy a new hard drive, you will find faulty sectors in 50% of cases (quite normal). The hard drive with few faulty sectors on day one will function for decades correctly.

Comment Liquids are not dangerous (Score 1) 343

The only person for whom liquids are dangerous me and when they are not available to me. Because of kidney problems, my doctor prescribed me to drink at least 4 litres of water a day. And the water has to have special components. The problem is that during the flight the crew didn't react when I told them I need to drink really much. I got 2 cups of water in 14 hours.

This is dangerous to me. I need my special water and lots of it.

Comment Re:I have to agree (Score 1) 728

It is not a crime to be gay (and it never was!). You are just confirming what kind of bullshit the House of Commons is trying to convince people of, even today. Of course he would immediately obtain a pardon and would be released, if he was still alive. This action has its symbolic meaning, but in the wrong direction, as you can see it now.

Comment Re:I have to agree (Score 1) 728

No. They could officially make a statement that the man is NOT a criminal (this means "pardon") and it was a terribly wrong thing to push him to suicide because of that (this is an "apology").

Comment Re:c't (Score 2) 562

There is an electronic version called "Heise.de" (in form of a website with forums) that you can use, if you want. It is different from the paper version, because no one would buy it anymore, of course. It's the publishing company that brings c't and iX.

I visit the German version (classic view) quite regularly, because the forum discussions are fun and it is my number 1 bookmark. This is comparable to Slashdot in my opinion and has funny troll threads. ;) There is also an version in English that is probably not that busy as the German one and does not publish as many articles. I think they would, if they had more visitors. So it's up to you to make it big, because the competence is available there.

Btw, I can see articles quite frequently here on Slashdot that originate from Heise.de.

Comment Openbox (Score 1) 357

I changed from Gnome2 to Openbox, because I don't want to have any Lennartware on my system anymore. I deselected every kind of crap Lennart made and now... I'm somehow happy, although, I would like to have a nicer file manager that cooperates with automounter instead of any HAL shit. (Btw, don't tell me about udev... I'm using FreeBSD and not Linux.)

Here my desktop:

  • OpenBox
  • xfe
  • lxpanel
  • conky
  • xscreensaver
  • slim
  • gtk-murrine-engine + Orta as GTK theme

My fav applications:

  • chromium
  • claws-mail
  • xterm + screen
  • irssi
  • thunderbird (only for calendar with lightning; claws-mail is a better mail client)
  • libreoffice
  • gimp + inkscape + eog
  • deadbeef + mplayer

Comment Re:There's no debate. The GPL doesn't promote free (Score 1) 480

This has nothing to do with anarchy. BSDL is simply protecting the developer's rights and this is most essential part of a license. A developer does not like to be sued, if someone gets shot in the foot while using a piece of software. And nothing is further enforced on the users of the software.

Comment I have (Score 1, Funny) 480

I started on Linux, too (about 1997). And one time (in 1998), I've been talking with a colleague about licenses. I told him, I really don't care if someone uses my code, I just don't want to get sued, if they use it wrong. He told me that I might be more compatible with the "BSD philosophy" instead of GNU's GPL. And he was correct. I informed myself about it and landed on FreeBSD (in 2001), because of the fantastic application support ("FreeBSD ports collection").

Now, I'm trying to use Linux from time to time (almost every year I try it), but it has nothing to offer for me and it lacks some basic features that are included in FreeBSD and which I really need.

Comment Re:Was boring to me (Score 1) 220

Yupp... me too. This game is too stupid, in my opinion. I absolutely hate typical casual games. I like arcade style games.

A secret tip: "Muramasa: The Demon Blade" on Wii (2D, simple beat'em up side-scroller, made with much love, action, arcade)

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