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Comment I dumped them (Score 1) 279

Because I had so many domains with them I needed to call the support phone number to get them to produce a csv with all the auth codes, and surprisingly they answered quickly and did what I asked. They were very polite.

When I said that SOPA was my reason for transferring, the call center guy asked whether it was GoDaddy's initial position or their later decisions that made me want to transfer. I told him that their initial stance was enough for me to leave, and that I've been a customer since their first year of operation.

If the crowd is to have any power at all, we need to punish the corporations that we can effect.


Comment GoogleApps domains compatibility (Score 2) 162

I hope they don't roll up picasa and blogger until *after* they've fixed Google+ integration with GoogleApps hosted domains.

Google have acknowledged that Google+ can't be used with email addresses hosted in GoogleApp domains but there is no word on when or if this will be fixed. Moving other products into Google+ will just reduce the number of google services that I can access, and I'm a paying google customer!


Comment Re:Homeschool? (Score 4, Informative) 364

Those kids will grow up to be out of touch with reality, thinking they're the center of their tiny universe while being hopeless at everything other than their field of speciality.

You have no idea what you are talking about. I homeschooled my kids and they have a larger and more diverse circle of friends than you can possibly imagine. Unlike school kids, their friends are also from a wider variety of ages because my children didn't experience the age-range apartheid that you would consider 'normal' where the majority of the children you would interact with each day were within 12 months of your own age. My daughter's 16th birthday party had more than 70 kids and 30 adults on the guest list - and these really are close friends who she has spent more quality time with growing up than anything you get out in the school yard between classes.

I'm a software engineer, but for university the kids have gone into fields as widely different as biotech, justice/law, arts/language and design. One of them went and lived in Beijing for a year to immerse herself in the culture/language when she turned 18. Another has travelled to Japan, China and the USA regularly since they were 17 years old. At 13 years old, one of the kids went and stayed with a friend's family in the USA for three months - even saved up the airfare on her own by doing babysitting around the neighborhood.

I guess that I wouldn't agree with the same homeschooling that you don't agree with - but unfortunately for you the reality of what the vast majority of homeschoolers are doing has nothing to do with your narrow prejudiced ideas. For every homeschooling parent who is keeping their kids in the basement, I'll show you 10 school kids who are wasting their lives and potential without any help from their parents at all.

It's your call.


Comment Re:Stalls (Score 1) 449

Piloting 101 states that if your plane is stalled, the proper maneuvar is to point the nose downwards and dive sharply to pick up enough airspeed so that you can swoop and obtain lift so that you are no longer stalled.

That's why I think that there *must* be more to the story. It is simply not possible that anyone with a pilot's license, especially for a heavy jet, could respond to a simple stall by raising the nose.



Submission + - Consumer genetic testing available in Australia

Megaport writes: After the banning of direct-to-consumer genetic testing in Australia last July, new rules were imposed to require a physician to be involved in the process. Now a new Australian start-up, Lumigenix, has launched a genome decoding service for Australian (and global) consumers that meets the new regulatory requirements. Their products include genetic testing for health and ancestry information. The Australian government is planning to revisit the issue later this year and further regulation is anticipated in response to the emergence of direct-to-consumer genetic services.

Comment A real who's who of Mars mission science! (Score 1) 288

Doesn't anyone RTFA anymore? Richard C Hoagland is one of the cited authors in the article about terraforming Mars. (he says that NASA nuked Jupiter with Galileo!)

Most of the chapters were amazing and very scientific, but when I saw that name mentioned the whole document took a nose dive in credibility.


Submission + - Wikileaks Founder Arrested in London ( 1

CuteSteveJobs writes: The founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, has been arrested by London police on behalf of Swedish authorities on allegation of rape. Assange has admitted that he exhausted by the ongoing battle against authorities. The Swiss Government has confiscated $37K in his Swiss Bank account. PayPal and Mastercard have frozen Wikileak's accounts, hampering Wikileaks from raising any more funds.

Meanwhile Australian PM Julia Gillard and Attorney General Robert McLelland who had publicly accused Assange of illegal acts were unable to say what laws he had broken. The Opposition legal affairs spokesman George Brandis said "As far as I can see he hasn't broken any Australian law, nor does it appear he has broken any American laws." US Attorney General, Eric Holder said he had authorised significant actions aimed at prosecuting WikiLeaks founder but refused to elaborate. Sarah Palin called Assange "an anti-American operative with blood on his hands" and Mike Huckabee said "anything less than execution is too kind a penalty". Assange will be represented in London by human rights lawyer, Geoffrey Robertson QC.

Submission + - Julian Assange Arrested in UK (

AndGodSed writes: Jullian Assange has been arrested on behalf of Swedish police for the rape charges he is due to face in that country. Wikileaks say that they will continue releasing documents in spite of Assange's arrest.

Submission + - Julian Assange arrested in England (

SJ2000 writes: "Scotland Yard has confirmed that Julian Assange has been arrested by police in England... It is expected he will appear before an extradition hearing at Westminster Magistrates' Court today for a ruling to be made on whether or not he should be sent to Sweden."

Comment Re:So really... this means? (Score 1) 95

On the positive side, it means that we don't have to expect nasty surprises from this new physics for our existing technologies (e.g. we don't have to expect that an extraordinary large solar flare suddenly makes a nuclear reactor fail, or something like that).

Umm, we didn't know that already? Oh dear. "New physics" had better not turn out to be an excuse for why we all suddenly glow in the dark, while it still isn't the nuclear power industry's fault.


(PS - I love nuclear power, but I'm always a sceptic about our confidence when predicting unforeseen consequences.)

Comment Don't go (Score 2, Insightful) 403

My daughter is living in Beijing for a year so before she left I got her a notebook and set it up with everything she'd need. For a brief moment I considered installing an SSH tunnel or VPN access back here to home, but then I thought about what my ex-wife's voice would sound like when she said, "they are detaining our daughter because they found military grade encryption software on her computer. How did that get there?" and decided against it.

Seriously, if you disagree with their policy don't go. In your own country you have the right to civil disobedience against unjust laws. In another country you are a guest and should act appropriately.

I'm an Aussie, our countries fought together in many wars (some still ongoing) and about as peaceful a partner as the US can get. Despite having travelled to the US about a dozen times and even lived over there for a couple of years, I have refused to return because you want to fingerprint me on entry now.

If you disagree with a requirement of entry. Don't go. It is astonishing that you would premeditate to break China's laws because of your political views when your own country has a bunch that you have not fought against.




Swedish Pirate Party To Run Pirate Bay From Parliament 288

rdnetto sends in this clip from TorrentFreak. To pursue these plans the Pirate Party needs to win 4% of the seats in Parliament in an election coming up in September. "After their former hosting provider received an injunction telling it to stop providing bandwidth to The Pirate Bay, the worlds most resilient BitTorrent site switched to a new ISP. That host, the Swedish Pirate Party, made a stand on principle. Now they aim to take things further by running the site from inside the Swedish Parliament. ... The party has announced today that they intend to use part of the Swedish Constitution to further these goals, specifically Parliamentary Immunity from prosecution or lawsuit for things done as part of their political mandate. They intend to push the non-commercial sharing part of their manifesto, by running The Pirate Bay from inside the Parliament, by Members of Parliament."

First Self-Replicating Creature Spawned In Conway's Game of Life 241

Calopteryx writes "New Scientist has a story on a self-replicating entity which inhabits the mathematical universe known as the Game of Life. 'Dubbed Gemini, [Andrew Wade's] creature is made of two sets of identical structures, which sit at either end of the instruction tape. Each is a fraction of the size of the tape's length but, made up of two constructor arms and one "destructor," play a key role. Gemini's initial state contains three of these structures, plus a fourth that is incomplete. As the simulation progresses the incomplete structure begins to grow, while the structure at the start of the tape is demolished. The original Gemini continues to disassemble as the new one emerges, until after nearly 34 million generations, new life is born.'"

Gulf Oil Spill Disaster — Spawn of the Living Dead 228

grrlscientist writes "A recently published study, intended to provide data to commercial fisheries in the Gulf of Mexico so they maximize their catch of Yellowfin Tuna, Thunnus albacares, whilst avoiding bycatch of critically endangered Atlantic (Northern) Bluefin Tuna, Thunnus thynnus, suggests that the Deepwater Horizon oil leak may devastate the endangered Atlantic bluefin population, causing it to completely collapse or possibly go extinct."

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