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Comment Re:Does your router support captive portal? (Score 1) 884

Due to the amount of effort this guy is obviously putting into getting into this network there are 3 possibilities I can think of:
A) He is planning some VERY illegal activities he does not want tied to his connection.
B) The submitter has some VERY valuable on his network and failed to mention it
C) The attacker has some kind of mental illness and has fixated himself on this person for some weird reason.

C is unlikely and if B were true, the submitter would know this and probably not attract unwanted attention which leaves the most likely (and dangerous) option A) for which such actions would be fully acceptable.

Comment Re:Oxford (Score 1) 128

They don't _claim_ there's anything particularly secure about PayPass etc.

When I got my new credit card I actually phoned the company and specificaly requested (quite firmly) that they deactivate the feature on my card. I know they can't "special make" me a card that doesn't have the chip, but they absolutely REFUSED to deactivate such payments on my credit card account. They also kept repeating (as if they were reading) that it is completly secure.

Comment Re:Hackers reported that the malware "just worked. (Score 1) 148

Being that this was a Java exploit which required a visit to a website at the least, I would say that those that got infected have more time on their hands than they know what to do with.

Security starts and ends with the user. If someone gets a virus, it is most likely that they do not care, are not paying attention, or are clicking on stupid links that go to stupid things that are not related to their work duties.

Corporations have yet to learn that training is required (less than 30 minutes to show someone the tricks to look out for), and an actual damage assessment and punishment system in relationship to breaches.

Sure IT may get an increase in calls at the start, but it is worth it in the long run.


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