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Submission + - UK pub owner 'fined' £8k for open Wi-Fi down (

superglaze writes: A pub owner in the UK has been fined £8,000 because someone downloaded copyrighted content over their free Wi-Fi hotspot, according to a Wi-Fi firm chief quoted in ZDNet UK. The details of the case are still hazy because the quoted source is not yet ready to specify the pub in question, and because legal experts are of the opinion that he or she shouldn't have been held liable anyway. Still, the story provides something to worry about for any business running open Wi-Fi in the current, crackdown-happy copyright environment. As internet law professor Lilian Edwards warns in a follow-up story, such hotspot operators should "watch out for the pile of copyright infringement warnings" their way.

Comment Re:I am a software engineer (Score 1) 736

Ugg I hate it when I spend all day customizing my linux kernel and those IT scumbags can't debug it for me. How many other people have trouble authenticating with the exchange server? or is having WAN latency issues? My guess, few to none. If you want to run software that the rest of the company doesn't run, expect to do your own IT support and helpdesk.

When they replaced my Dell desktop with an equally crappy ASUS or something they replaced the Dell branded logitech keyboard and mouse with an ASUS branded logitech keyboard and mouse on the grounds that using the wrong type of peripheral might cause "incompatibilities".

That is freaking hilarious! I bet you are a dick everyday about problems you create and they have found a way to just fuck with you.

Comment Re:Why open source? (Score 1) 20

I would have to agree. I am a PHP developer for a small Design Company and I work on these types of sites on a daily basis. Out of all the sites I have created I have only used one CMS, Wordpress, and it was a nightmare to train the end user. There were a ton of menus and the majority of options she never used. Granted Wordpress is significantly more robust but in the end do you want your $tech_inept_end_user mucking about so much. My clients love the products I develop because I make it as simple and user proof as possible. I would keep that in mind when looking at open source cms.

Comment Re:How is that the case? (Score 1) 411

After RTFA I think you are spot on. The city is not denying him access. He can view the laws at three different locations. From there if he wants he can make as many copies as he wishes. .25 cents a sheet is not an outrageous price for having somebody else copy from a bound source. I know Office Depot and Staples charge more than that. One of the places listed was a Community College. I'm sure he could do it cheaper if he was willing to do the work. OR he can wait for development to finish and get it free off their website. Right now due to I'm guessing a poor decision back in the eighties they had the data locked in a format. It looks like the got on the ball and are unlocking it. I think this city is going above and beyond the call of duty and is providing an example for others to follow by putting it out on the web in a searchable fashion.

Comment Re:Time for the death penalty (Score 1) 179

A tad over zealous, don't you think? Spam is a business and as such we need to hit it were it hurts. If we stop the flow of money to spammers we effectively stop the spammers. Teach every person you know how to spot spam, how to avoid it, how to not click it and the simple restraint of not signing up for every god damn "Free" offer. I am generally spam, virus, and malware free because I assume I'm not the one millionth visitor to EVERY site I go to.

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