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Comment Re:Shut up Notch (Score 1) 303

Did you read your post, where you claimed you couldn't run anything that didn't come from the app store? Just in case you forgot:

by default you are not allowed to install programs that don't come from the app store

You don't need to change any behaviour to run/install signed apps that DON'T come from the app store. If you download something from the app store, it is signed. The reverse is not necessarily true. This is what the previous poster was trying to point out.

Comment Re:Why not? (Score 1) 397

Apple always claims they've added hundreds of new features, but their threshold for a "feature" seems to be lower and lower with each release

My very favourite one, browsing the new features page to figure out if the upgrade is worth it, was how they've added a sidebar to Calendar so you can always see your various calendars.

IOW, it's exactly how it was in Snow Leopard, but now it's one of "200+ new features". I certainly appreciate it, but it sounds like they were really stretching for new features this time.

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