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Comment Re:Ah, Purchasable? (Score 1) 466

If I were to make a bunch of copies of a game disc, and go around handing it out to people and paying them $5 (note, *I'm* paying them to "buy" my product), then I'm selling the game at an even lower price than the pirates. Yes, it would be incredibly stupid to do that, but that's not the point; the point is, just because the customer isn't paying doesn't mean they're not sales.

I predict a lot of selling, indeed incredibly stupid selling, this Christmas, especially to family and relatives. Just don't mention the 'G' word, it's not kosher these days.

Comment Re:There are more important issues right now (Score 2) 152

Wow , 40+, thats so old! If you're a teenager. For most people the 30s and 40s are when you finally mature into someone who can make sensible decisions and less bound over by knee jerk group think.

With an attitude like that, no wonder. Especially as you yourself are advocating this "group think" you are talking about.

It is fairly accepted that diversity in a group tends to increase the quality of decision making. I do not see the reason in keeping intelligent people away from parliament just because they are not old or "mature" enough.

Fine, using that logic lets vote pre-schoolers into parliament.

That argument is akin to saying "Fine, using that logic lets only drink water and not eat anything" to somebody who said water is good for you. I hope you can see that argument is fallacious, and well, quite silly.

Comment Re:Games (Score 1) 1880

Yes, this. As Steve Ballmer said "Developers Developers Developers Developers Developers". By developing for the XBOX the developer is using almost the same Microsoft stack as the one to develop on Microsoft Windows. This helps keep the developers locked in instead of developing using a cross platform API or the other specific technologies that the other console gaming platforms use. This also hugely decreases the friction involved in porting the game to windows. Do you see the Uncharted series on anything but a PS3? No. Do you see major Wii games ported to Windows? Not really. Do you see XBOX (360) games ported to Windows? Very Often. Xbox and Windows are symbiotic.

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