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Comment Re:Why not ban mandatory attendence of lectures? (Score 1) 804

How, then, could they justify the exorbitant tuition? If you don't NEED the teachers or classrooms, well, it might as well be a CORRESPONDENCE School!@

seriously, though, they are fighting the same digital era fight that all the other content creators are fighting. I think they are coming to the realization that if they don't crack down now, they will just end up as test-graders and certification-givers.

ps I went to an American school and almost no classes had mandatory attendance.

Comment the PC is dead, long live the PC (Score 1) 449

PC's won't die. Terminology might change, but the PC will be around for a very long time.

here's an example: PDA's "died" about 5 years ago. Smartphones were the future. and today we have iphones and android phones. the OS is different, and the hardware is a generation removed, the the key difference is that PDA's didn't have a cell phone transmitter/receiver.

I was making skype calls over wifi on my iPAQ ~8 years ago. but, hey, PDA's are dead, right?

Comment use smokestack scrubbers (Score 1) 595

Not that the ships have smokestacks like coal power plants, but it must be more efficient to clean 1 extra large ship than 10 large ships. I'm assuming you can leverage economies of scale for more efficient scrubbers in the extra large ships

However, It might be more efficient to propel 10 ships than one extra large one, which might lead to less fuel use and less emissions.

ships also use bunker fuel, which is pretty much like a petroleum butter. it's what's left over after they refine off all the good stuff from crude oil, and has to be heated to be kept fluid.

Comment Re:From the No-shit-sherlock department (Score 1) 716

(mine still wants to go swimming even though the sea is starting to freeze).

And this is your example of intelligence? Wolves won't do this, since they understand that swimming in near freezing water will kill them.

I would much rather see a study measuring the intellegence of domesticated dogs versus wild dogs. I feel that that would be enlightening.


Microwave Map of Entire Moon Revealed 82

Zothecula writes "The first complete microwave image of the Moon taken by Chinese lunar satellite Chang'E-1 has been revealed. Chang'E-1 is China's first scientific mission to explore planetary bodies beyond Earth and the on-board Lunar Microwave Radiometer has made it possible for the first time to globally map the Moon in microwave frequencies. Radar observations of the Moon are unable to provide thermal information, and microwave observations taken from Earth cannot reach the far side of the moon. So Chang'E-1's (CE-1) orbit was conducted at an altitude of 200km (124 miles) and allowed it to observe every location of the moon with a nadir view and at high spatial resolution."

Comment Re:Cost per watt chart? (Score 1) 117

I didn't really make it clear that it's an either/or situation. However, I was trying to explain that you don't really save anything by picking one over the other. I also wanted to show that labor costs are not going to go down, even if the equipment gets cheaper.

It can be really cheap if you just use batteries and DC appliances. you can install the system yourself if your competent. However, if your state offers rebates, you probably won't qualify for this type of system.

Solar WILL save you money in the long run, and is a great investment if your are buying property to build a house. It might be a good option for an existing house, but only if the roof is oriented properly, there is adequate sq footage, and there is no shade. Most existing homes are not right for solar. houses really need to be purpose built for solar panels.

ps I'm AM a certified solar installer

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