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Comment Re:Slackware on floppies (Score 2) 867

I think you must be me. I would have posted the same thing.

The bad thing about it, when I was downloading said 60+ floppies on a modem, I didn't quite have enough disks... so I had to create 1-40, then once I used #1 I recycled it to 41...

The sucky part was the setup didn't tell you that you wouldn't end up using all the disks depending on what you chose to install, so a lot of them were skipped.

Comment future updates (Score 1) 3

Consider rsync, works just as well on a local file system as it does remotely.

Your A/V files probably won't change much, so this won't help them, but if you do end up with a lot of files that do change, rsync may be great. just have it run nightly and it'll copy the changes.

Your -aRu is going to copy any file where the meta data has changed, such as the id3 tag in an mp3. rsync would just copy the delta, lots less to move.

Comment You also don't really need X, Y or Z (Score 2) 851

No you don't need a smart phone. You also don't need a computer, car, TV, ipod.

For that matter you don't need shoes, a toothbush, medecine or soap.... but damn if they don't make life easier.

Now, for MY job on the other hand, I need this phone. I'm expected to carry this phone and be this 'in touch' at all times. If I'm not, they'll find someone who will. So don't tell me I can do without when responding to email on a timely basis is part of my job.


Comment Re:Hmmm (Score -1, Troll) 937

awe stop whining, with 7500/gram under perfect conditions, there's plenty of room to cut corners on efficiency... Sure, we let a little steam into the atmosphere, warming the earth. And yeah, they don't talk about the 3 tons of radioactive water byproduct. Oh, and cars will all be 3x the size because of the boiler/turbine. And it's deadly to actually handle the stuff. And that china is the only producer of thorium. And you have to spend 85% of the energy generated running the laser. Oh, and you have to plug it into a wall to get enough amps to actually start a cold system, so people actually leave it running 24 hours/day. And that a gram of thorium costs $1000/gram or $5000/gram after taxes. And Al Gore says it kills polar bears, pandas and unicorns.

But after you take all that into account, you still get, oh, something like 25MPg. The Government will think it's a a perfect solution.

Comment Re:Disappointed but not suprised... (Score 1) 788

How can we seriously be ok with increasing taxes when the government has shown they are such poor stewards of our money. Big company bailouts? Fail. Waging wars in the Middle east, Fail. Obamacare? Fail. Not doing crap about illegal immigration. Fail. No child left behind, Dept of Ed, Fail. IRS, graduated taxes? Fail. Clinton's everyone should own a home? Fail.

I'm not picking sides here. Obama failed, Bush Failed, Clinton Failed. They are all wasting my money and your money. Get rid of the IRS, start a fair or flat tax. Bring the troops home. I'm not passive on war, if they start getting froggy we'll institute our nuclear disposal program in their capital cities.

Welfare? If you can't pass a drug test, you don't get welfare. You may be able to come pick up some food, and maybe we'll put you in an apartment, but I'll be damned if you get a check. And a free bus ride. You need a job.

And taxes... yes, Everyone pays. 15% sounds nice. Or maybe, we pay a fed sales tax. I was shocked the last time I did my taxes at 85k/year (that's filing family, not single, my wife doesn't get paid in cash to be a homemaker) to find out HOW LITTLE I PAY. To think that people who make less than me are paying nothing, I'm amazed at how much the rich must already be paying to keep this government afloat.

Oh, and back to foodstamps. Why the hell can someone use foodstamps to buy caviar or steak with caviar but they can't buy soap and toilet paper. FAIL.

Until the government can stop WASTING and GIVING away my money, I'm not supporting ANYONE paying more tax, except those who pay little to none already.

Comment Re:New ? Hardly. (Score 1) 91

May suck for cell phones, but it'll be great for me. I live in an area where I'm just barely out of range of DSL and cable. Not anything like montana or alaska... Southern alabama, Right between Mobile and pascagoula. I'm currently using 3G wireless from verizon, and it pretty much sucks. 1.1MB down, when it works, the rest of the time, SOL.

My stationary USB card in a 3G router would love to site nice and still for this to work.

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