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Comment Re:B.A.T. Agent (Score 1) 94

Origin had a game called Omega, for the C64 amoung other platforms, to put it in historical perspective.

You built, then programmed, a cybertank. Basic procedural language with subroutines, conditionals, loops, and inputs from the tanks' devices.

Mindrover was similar, kinda, but used a visual metaphor of dragging lines from inputs to outputs. Not as cool.

Comment Re:Hmm (Score 1) 1152

Well, is there any way that you could honestly mean to use the word in a non-insulting manner? That's kind of like saying 'Yes, I pointed the gun and fired it at him, but I didn't mean for him to get shot!' It's one thing to say 'you're fat' as an observation or factual statement, quite another to use a word with 100+ years of history and meaning.

Comment Re:Hmm (Score 1) 1152

Think of it as mens rea. If a statement is intended to be insulting, it's insulting, even if the person being insulted doesn't realize it. If a statement is not intended to be insulting, does it matter if the person being described finds it insulting? There's a difference between 'that's an insult' and 'I'm insulted.'

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