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Comment Re:The funny thing is... (Score 1) 525

> You are asking the key question.
Actually, he's not. The correct question is "why are they pushing 'climate change' as a problem when climate always changes and the biggest driver of climate 'change' is the sun?"

The sun comes up, it gets warm. The sun goes down, it gets cold. It's been like that for a few hundred million years.

No person who has been outside more than once could question that climate changes. It does, every day, every month, every year, every decade, every century, every millennium, every eon. The actual (long) question is how much of an impact do humans have on the long-term average. And the answer is "almost zero". Did you notice how the talking points on TV/the news went from "global warming" to "climate change" over the last 15 years? It's because the science shows that their models are wrong, and that we've had a slight cooling since the 90's. Since it didn't fit with their agenda and models, they had to change the wording. It was very sneaky, but obvious when one pays attention.

Did you know that every generation has had some sort of "extinction level" issue. Once soil erosion ended up being non-existent, they went on to acid rain. That might have been a real problem, but it was solved very quickly with pollution (actual real pollution) controls, then it was the ozone layer (solved very quickly). The problem is that the problems were being solved WAY too quickly. Then came global warming (which didn't exist), so now it's climate change. What's so insidious about the "climate change" agenda is it will never be "solved". It can't. Climate always changes, so even "if we solved anthroprogenic climate change", the climate still changes, so it will then always be "provable" that climate change exists and we need to pay more carbon taxes.

Comment Re:The funny thing is... (Score 1) 525

I think he and the rest of the "educated" population can easily say that humans (and other living things) exhale CO2. Sorry to be the first to break it to you.

Also, pollution means contamination, not "too much". Sorry to break that to you as well.

And now that I've done my share of Internet correctin', I'm off to bed.

Comment Re:The funny thing is... (Score 1) 525

Nope, not mmkay. Cite your source. NO legitimate study has ever said that CO2 is pollution. Politicians say it is so they can monetize it. Politicians and their corporate arms fund "studies" that provide conclusions in-line wiith their's fairly obvious when one is a critical thinker.

Comment Re:The funny thing is... (Score 1) 525

CO2 is not pollution. You breathe it your whole life with zero side-effects. In fact, you exhale it, and our friends the plants (the earth is covered in them, even after mass deforestation) inhale it and give us back oxygen. Yes indeed, the more CO2 we have the greater plants can grow.

If CO2 was so bad, why aren't we (our political leaders) hostile toward countries who don't have a "Carbon Policy"? Why have our politicians made CO2 their profit centre?

Comment Re:Government doesn't get it. (Score 1) 184

...But services aren't taxed (I'm not saying they should or shouldn't, i'm just stating a fact)...

Clearly, you aren't from Canada. Here, we tax the snot out of everything. Services aren't taxed? HAH! 13%. On everything. Electricity, gasoline, the mechanic's labour. Everything. 13%

Even new houses and used (!) cars.

Comment Re:NYC Resident Here (Score 3, Interesting) 149

So you have these options:

1. Do nothing,
2. Ask them to stop again (politely, with or without warning about going to authorities),
3. Ask them to stop again (not politely, with or without warning about going to authorities), and
4. Go straight to the authorities.

My recommendation? Go straight to the authorities. You've been polite, and you do not deserve to suffer as they benefit. Make no mistake, the only reason they are doing AirBNB is to profit. You have every right not to suffer a 'diminished quality of life' (as you, very succinctly I must say, put it) just so they can put an extra, what...$30 a day(?) in their pocket.

Strictly speaking, anyone operating an AirBNB rental is operating a business. They are providing a service/resource to those who are willing to pay. Is an expense to that business paying the people around him to allow him to do so? Maybe (we as a society seem to endorse the idea of a 'money to QoL' ratio). So, my next question is this: is Mr. Ignorant claiming that income on his income tax? I imagine not. That might be more legal leverage you have in this case. (Side note: little do most people know that if you legitimize a business, a huge array of tax incentives start rolling in (proportionally expense your Internet, heating, electricity, computers, vehicle, etc).

I wish you the best of luck in your quest.

Comment Re:I wish people would just stop... (Score 1) 69

Hah. It's assholes like me that make it so government "scientists" get laughed out of their office when they publish asshole findings. Look up "climategate" and the "scientists" at East Anglia who wrote Email messages back and fourth about "how the hell" they were "going to convince people" that global warming is real.

Comment Re:I wish people would just stop... (Score 1) 69

Indeed, we do have to deal with the consequences. Which, to date, has been nothing. I have not seen one -actual- piece of evidence that shows CO2 causes the earth to warm. It is -all- conjecture/opinion.

Oh, and you're so afraid of pollution, why aren't you railing against the 4 -very- unclean (due to no regulation) power plants being built in China/Inda every week? No, -WE- have to make our lives turn upside down (bullshit cars, bullshit products, bullshit taxes, bullshit prices) to have a very minimal effect when China/India get to sponsor our carbon neutrality, multiplied by god knows how much.

Do you even know where the money you spend on carbon neutrality goes? I bet you don't even care. I bet you don't even care that "our" industrial society has moved to China.

Comment Re:I wish people would just stop... (Score 1) 69

Pretty much my understanding is that any major study is biased by whomever funds it. Seriously, who is going to fund a multi-hundred thousand dollar study that hurts one's own cause? Who is going to fund a study where there is no (financial/political) interest? Automatic conflict of interest before anyone does anything!

It's hard for me to take statistics seriously when one side of the equation is a dollar sign.

Comment Re:I wish people would just stop... (Score 1) 69

How do you know I'm not a dragon?! You insensitive clod!

Ok, well, don't believe everything you see on TV. The dinosaurs roamed when the earth was hospitable. I've never heard of proof that the period of which you speak was caused by liberated carbon dioxide...if I'm wrong, cite your source.

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