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Journal SuiteSisterMary's Journal: Any Champagne geeks out there? Found a bottle of Dom 1970. 1

Seem to have found a bottle of Dom Perignon champagne, 1970, while cleaning out an attic. This worth anything to anybody? I assume it's no longer drinkable, but the bottle and label are in good enough shape, and it's unopened.

I found one Ebay auction from a few years back for a 1970 Dom, seems to have gone for about $450 CDN. But there may very well be better places than Ebay to inquire about such things. Anybody know anything about such things?

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Any Champagne geeks out there? Found a bottle of Dom 1970.

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  • assume it's no longer drinkable

    Not necessarily. A cool, dark and dry attic would be pretty good storage. Always tought to tell without cracking it open, but close inspection should give you a bit of an idea.

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