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Comment Re:Efficiency (Score 1) 87

Also direct connect isn't completely direct connect either. Inside that wall-wart is a step-down transformer which is basically a small inductive power transfer (wireless power), which has its own power efficiency issues.

The "more or less" I put in parenthesis was referring to this wall wart issue you mention. However, many people, including the U.S. Government, have identified these devices as a potential way to increase energy efficiency. It just seems to me that wireless power technology would negate all of this hard work.
Thanks for your reply!

Comment Re:This story comes up every now and then.. (Score 1) 398 when are they going to do it, like, for real?

Judging by the picture in the article, it's going to be a while. Notice the vehicle in the article doesn't resemble a car as we know it. A car has a certain form factor for a variety of reasons. Until they get their heads out of the clouds and put this thing into a practical chassis, this thing is going nowhere.

Comment Let's see (Score 1) 789

1. You need liquid money. Go to the bank and get some cash. $20 bills are preferable as they are most common. An ATM would be simple, but they usually only allow you to take out $500 per day for security reasons. So, you may want to go to the counter.

You have more assets than just what's in the bank. Jewelry, TV, Computer, etc. Pawn it. Yes, they will likely want ID, but you haven't lost your tail yet.

2. Lose your tail. Buy some airline tickets on a credit card. Drive to the airport and park in long term parking. Walk into the airport and through a crowd. However, you probably don't want to go through security. Leave the airport. I used to say, get on a train and catch as many transfers as possible. Most cities don't check your ticket at each station or when you leave the system, so you become very difficult to locate. However, cities such as Washington D.C. aren't like that, be careful. Also note that light rail surveillance systems have become much more complex in the last decade and they may have facial recognition that will ruin this plan.

I personally like the Borne Identity approach of finding a shitty old car, and giving the owner a wad of cash for it. Yeah, the car may break down, but no one knows it's yours, and it most likely won't be reported stolen. It'll be very hard to track.

3. Keep on the move, and keep a low profile. Try to travel in a direction other than the one you bought airline tickets for. You've bought yourself some time to come up with a plan from here. Weather permits, you can sleep in the car/camp. Truck stops have showers, etc. to keep you civilized. If it's cold, you may need to hide out in homeless shelters. Traveling on foot in the wilderness has advantages and disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage is you won't cover enough ground. It'll give the people after you a very small area to search. If you decide to ditch the car and travel on foot, be sure to hide the car well. Once your car is found abandoned, they will figure you are near by.

Comment Re:Guarantees (Score 1) 260

Where I work, a year of advanced education is treated as a year of experience. You can pay enormous sums of money to go to school, or you can keep working and make money to achieve the same end result. It really doesn't give you any incentive to get an advanced degree.

If you want to move into management, you really need an MBA, not an MS or PhD. However, many technology companies don't acknowledge the fact that scientists and engineers with MBA's command a much higher pay scale. There is a big demand in the financial industry for people with those skills. (i.e. Knight Capital Group, etc.)

The real advantage to an advanced degree is the thesis. If you write an excellent thesis that gets people's attention, through a combination of hard work and luck (i.e. researching an emerging technology), you can land an interesting job. It has happened to some coworkers of mine. However, you can publish great work, while getting paid, if you have the right job. My advice is to find a new job that is pushing the limits of current technology and get published. That will open some doors.

Comment Re:But how smart? (Score 2) 465

Google deliberately avoids the more challenging situations, and a LOT of those miles are highway

I work in the auto industry and have seen miles used as a metric in a number of tests. The problem with using miles as a measurement in an automotive test is that highway miles are inherently different than city miles. A manager always says, "this vehicle needs to last X miles. Get the verification data as quickly as possible." The product validation team immediately goes out and puts X highway miles on the vehicle because highway miles are the quickest way to rack up miles.

Later on in those programs, we usually find some issues when the product operates in a city or low speed environment. I've been pushing for vehicle hours as a replacement every chance I get, but people don't listen...

Comment Digital World (Score 1) 1086

In a digital world, classical calculus isn't used very often. To be honest, I forgot most of it. The big thing you should know how to do is integrate. Instead of an integral, you will typically use a Riemann sum in programming. However, Riemann sums are taught in most calculus classes, and you should be aware of how it works in comparison to an integral.

I'm not a software engineer, but I do a lot of programming for data analysis purposes. Yes, I think you should take calculus. Not because you will use it directly, but because of the more abstract concepts you will learn while taking the class.

Comment Re:MATLAB (Score 4, Informative) 477

Python + Numpy + Scipy + matplotlib tends to do the job the same, if not better, all whilst being easier to write and debug.

Sorry, but MATLAB is the industry standard. As big of a pain as it is, we have a huge repository of functions already written in it. There's just too much momentum to change. Believe me, I tried!

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