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Comment Re:what will happen in a storm flood? (Score 1) 462

There will obviously be warnings about the HT parts of the system (just like there are in modern petrol cars that maintain a multi-thousand volt coil to fire the spark plugs, although at lower current than is used in the Tesla - not that it matters, since when you're talking about very high voltages, very small currents can kill you).

At high voltages, small currents can kill you?

Ohm's Law: Voltage = Current * Resistance

Voltage is inversely proportional to current. It's the current, not the voltage, that kills you. A current of about 100 mA through a person's body is fatal.

Comment Re:How much do the Artists get? (Score 1) 94

That hasn't been the normal situation in the history of popular music. Record companies used to be very local. Songs were published as sheet music, and if someone had a hit with a song, you would record it with your own singer and release it.

Frank Sinatra changed that. He was the first singer to attract a large number of fans who wanted his records specifically. He was also the first artist to take an interest in producing albums that were not just collections of previously released singles. A lot of people don't realise what an influence Sinatra had on the industry. But you can't name one song that Frank Sinatra wrote; artists who wrote their own material like Little Richard, Buddy Holly, and Bob Dylan remained the exception.

When the Beatles arrived in the American market in 1964, they changed everything. Record companies wanted them, and bands wanted to be them. And they wrote their own songs. Starting with Rubber Soul in 1965, the Beatles wrote all of their own songs. Then the Rolling Stones became a success writing their own songs. The Who had a great live act performing R&B covers, but when they wanted a record deal, they were told that they would have to write their own songs because it was what every rock band was doing now.

Lennon-McCartney didn't end the profession of songwriters. Writing teams like Leiber and Stoller, Goffin and King, Holland-Dozier-Holland, and Strong and Whitfield continued to have hits. They did establish the rock band as a self-contained creative unit, though. Now we have bands that have never released a cover. This is not the way things were in the good old days, nor is it necessarily better or worse.

Comment Re:WOW (Score 1) 413

Hawking did to Einstein what Einstein did to Newton?

Or did Hawking find solutions of Einstein's equations which prove surprising things? Has relativity predicted the outcome of every experiment for a century?

"I don't pay much attention to how journalists describe me. I know it is media hype. They need an Einstein like figure to appeal to. But for them to compare me to Einstein is ridiculous. They don't understand either Einstein's work, or mine." - Stephen Hawking

Comment Re:Have to see (Score 3, Informative) 205

Samuel-Auguste Tissot (1728-1797) is the source of the myth that masturbation leads to vision loss. He attributed a host of health problems to masturbation in his 1760 book L'Onanisme, based on the belief (which persisted into the Victorian era) that semen is a vital fluid, and the loss of it weakens a man.

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