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Submission + - Endeavour launch scrubbed for 48 hours

shuz writes: At 10:15 am Eastern time the launch of Endeavour has been scrubbed for a minimum of 48 hours. The scrub is due to 2 failed Axillary Power Unit heaters.

Comment What about FY2012? (Score 3, Interesting) 290

If lawmakers can't agree to a budget for the time period starting 7 MONTHS AGO, how are they going to get a FY2012 budget done?

Federal managers aren't spending more than the Continuing Resolution levels, and should be saving some money in case of cuts. Funding them over the CR level would just lead to waste spending in the 'use it or lose it' model (They have until September to spend it all).

They need to pass a status quo budget for FY2011, and get started on FY2012. That is where the problem lies, and where a solution can take place.


Submission + - Mother Charged after iPhone Almost Dies in Hot Car

Hugh Pickens writes writes: "Residents of the normally peaceful suburban town of Winnetka, Illinois are still reeling from the news that a mother, whose name is being withheld by police pending a full investigation, left an iPhone unattended for more than three hours in a car parked in the hot sun. "Security cameras have shown that the iPhone had been in the car—with the doors locked and the windows rolled up—since 1 p.m," says Winnetka police chief Douglas Blaine. "Due to the tragic and highly emotional nature of this case, we cannot say any more at this time." According to official police records, two officers forcibly broke into the car at 4:07 p.m. and found the iPhone lying face down on the dashboard. Police say that if the iPhone were left in the extreme heat for any longer, it could have died. The iPhone was rushed by ambulance to a nearby Apple facility for careful examination. Miraculously, no damage to its memory, screen, or wireless capabilities was reported. Witnesses said that when the iPhone's owner eventually arrived at her car and realized what she had done, she began sobbing hysterically, calling out in vain for her iPhone, and rocking back and forth on the parking lot pavement while repeatedly shouting "No" and "This can't be happening." The owner is currently being held by authorities and will be charged with criminal neglect. If found guilty, she will be subject to severe punitive action, including fines and possible jail time, and the iPhone will be placed under foster care."

Submission + - Google Debuts Dataing Site (

Daetrin writes: Have you seen the Google Romance page yet? Particularly the tour? I'm not going to bother writing up a real summary since i'm not creative enough to come up the the right Tweaks, but i'm sure you could find some fun ways to use them while talking about Google's attempt to help us find love/contextualize romance/sell ads :)

Submission + - Drupal has been selected for the Google Summer of (

pvanerk writes: Sumitk writes:
We are thrilled to announce that for the seventh year in a row, Drupal has been selected for the Google Summer of Code program!

Drupal uses this great opportunity to expand its family with new talented contributors and award its existing long-term contributors. This fantastic program also gets Drupal some amazing new coding projects done! More information about the program is available in the Google Summer of Code website and program timeline.


Submission + - Browsers Improve Security, Web Apps - Not So Much (

wiredmikey writes: Aggressive initiatives by the makers of popular Web browsers including Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla to improve the security of their Web browsers appear to be paying off.

According to a report today, the big Web browser companies seem paying very close attention to security, with many proactively seeking vulnerabilities by offering rewards or “bounties,” and seem to be efficient at fixing vulnerabilities in a timely manner.

Google's Chrome browser had the most vulnerabilities detected — 89 – likely due to the aggressive campaign to offer cash rewards for any discovered. In the end, Google fixed 88 of these vulnerabilities quickly and efficiently. Similarly, Mozilla Firefox had 65 vulnerabilities detected and fixed 61 in a timely manner. Apple's Safari fixed 39 of 41. Microsoft fixed 26 of 32 for Internet Explorer, and Opera fixed 27 of 29 vulnerabilities discovered.

But despite the progress being made with security on the Web browser front. 2,155 Web application vulnerabilities were discovered discovered — a third of which have both no known solution and an exploit code publicly available.


Submission + - Google Fiber comes to Kansas City (

tekgoblin writes: "Remember that campaign that Google had announced a long while back to bring fiber to your front door? Well, it looks like they are making some actual progress now and launching part of the network in Kansas City, Kansas.

The city of Topeka had actually temporarily renamed the city to Google, Kansas the capital city of fiber optics in a move to get Google to lay fiber there. Well it seems to have worked because a deal has just been signed to roll out the fiber in the city which should be available to everyone in the area by 2012."

Comment Re:Two-Factor (Score 1) 144

I wouldn't trust them to quickly roll out a RSA product. With the speed, they are going to leave some holes open, and with the back-end source code probably out in the wild, it may just make the problem worse. (The source code is only going to hurt shoddy implementations of the RSA Server. People do shoddy work under time pressure).

Submission + - Change in AT&T Terms of Service (

Covalent writes: "The new AT&T TOS was released today and it includes new language regarding "network management". In short, AT&T now reserves the right to cap your bandwidth and throttle your connection for whatever reason it sees fit, so long as it is "reasonable". It also includes new language regarding copyright infringement: "AT&T and Yahoo! assume no responsibility, and you assume all risks, regarding the determination of whether material is in the public domain, or may otherwise be used by you for such purposes."

Wanna guess if AT&T will turn over your information if subpoenaed?"

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