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Submission + - Stupid Simple Security - a Chrome plugin for safer browsing

shmaybebaby writes: There's this free and open source searchable repository of web vulnerabilities across the entire Internet. It's called PunkSPIDER (http://punkspider.hyperiongray.com) and it's handy for looking up the websites you frequent to see if they have any egregious vulnerabilities that could compromise your privacy and identity. Here's a Slashdot article on PunkSPIDER from last year http://it.slashdot.org/story/1... — you can see from the comments that it was, uh, kind of controversial.

But turns out, it's not even close to being the WMD that people were afraid of (that's a "weapon of mass destruction," in case you were born after the year 2000) and is actually kind of useful, particularly for the security / hacker community. People have used it for penetration testing recon, for security research, for a quick check of their own website, or just for personal use. The thing is, unless you're a security researcher who keeps PunkSPIDER open in a tab in your browser, you probably won't remember to go there and check out a website to make sure it's safe before you give them your credit card info.

To make it more accessible to the average user, the team behind PunkSPIDER released a Chrome extension that sits in your nav bar and tells you if PunkSPIDER has found any vulnerabilities on the site you're on. If it does, you get a red x, if it doesn't, you get a green check. It's stupid simple and it's free.

Here's a link to dl the extension https://chrome.google.com/webs... and here's a demo video on how it works http://www.youtube.com/watch?v.... There are some other videos under the same account that you can watch if you want to know more about the PunkSPIDER project.

There are plans to release a Firefox plugin soon, too, which will be nice because it's arguably a more ubiquitous browser than Chrome. Still, I'm switching to Chrome now just for this extension.

Comment Re:Government didn't earn the money (Score 2) 327

This kind of thinking is precisely what is needed to solve these tax problems. Why does the government tax a percentage of profit? Instead, think of it as payments for a service. You have a factory full of computers? Well we the government are protecting that factory with our military, so you should pay a tax based on the value of that factory. You are hiring workers? Well we the government educated them at our schools, so you should pay a per worker tax. Utilizing our public road system means customers can come to your store and buy things? Maybe we'll have some sort of utility sales tax. Also, imagine if those taxes could only be spent on precisely those programs. How quick would we be to go to war if corporations new their military protection taxes were going up?

Comment Re:Google OWNS you (Score 1) 307

I think there is hope here though. Like you said, Google is an advertising company. Every research project they do is based on getting more data on you so that they can better target advertisements. But surely there is a limit to this. When google starts getting hit with diminishing returns they'll stop collecting more detailed data.

Comment Re:Cost to much to be old (Score 0) 617

And why shouldn't they? It's a business, not a charity. The problem is it isn't just about base salary. It's about the other restrictions that keep H1B workers tied to the company. Give these foreign workers the same flexibility as Americans, and older domestic workers who are willing to take a pay cut will get back to being competitive.

Comment We need to talk big ideas. (Score 2, Interesting) 800

Let's cut the crap about totalitarianism. Do you think Obama wants to be a despot? Do you think Bush did? The real issue here is that the America people have given their president a mission that he does not have the powers to complete. The world is changing. We can't declare war on our enemies anymore. We can't identify them by the colors they're wearing. Now we're directing our government to put down organizations that exist in many different countries and feature people of many nationalities (even American citizens!). Our institutions were not designed to fight this kind of war. We must design them. We should be passing a constitutional amendment that handles these sorts of situations. There should be a dialogue going on where we the people determine what values should be involved. We need new, big ideas for a new world. Unfortunately, we don't want to discuss big ideas anymore. Everything needs to be pushed away while we stick to talking points and bureaucracy. As a result, the president is making these decisions on his own behind closed doors. This is unacceptable. It's a shame too, because I'm sure we could reach a broad consensus. But until we're willing to have adult conversations about these things, our government will continue to change in the shadows.

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