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Comment Re:Yay! (Score 0) 440

...A half dozen 30-year-old frigates. Note the distinct absence of "enemy" aircraft carriers.

The US is clearly still in an arms race, but no one else is running.

Bullshit. Your willful blindness to China's continuing Naval research and constant deployment of newer systems, to include an Aegis-like system just goes to show how much of a bloviating agenda loaded crap bucket you are.

Comment Re:It starts with an E and has "DNS" in it (Score 3, Insightful) 267

It started with the first commenter on the TechDirt article who "corrected" Mike Masnick. It turns out that Mike was correct and the poster inadvertently caused all kinds of problems for EasyDNS.

So, in order to punish those that did not support Wikileaks, the attackers effectively took out a DNS, thus denying access to Wikileaks.

There's something on the end of my foot!!! Shoot it!!!


Submission + - Pay or else, News Site Threatens ( 5

WED Fan writes: "An Up State NY news blog says users who read beyond a single page of an article must pay up or they will be tracked down:

A subscription is required at North Country Gazette. We allow only one free read per visitor. We are currently gathering IPs and computer info on persistent intruders who refuse to buy subscription and are engaging in a theft of services. We have engaged an attorney who will be doing a bulk subpoena demand on each ISP involved, particularly Verizon Droids, Frontier and Road Runner, and will then pursue individual legal actions.

They don't have a pay wall. If you go beyond page 1, you owe them.

So, is this like going into a grocery store and eating the food and the manager hauling you up to the check out to pay for what you ate? Or, is it like picking up a discarded paper on the ferry and the guy at the news stand demanding that you pay him?"

Comment Outsourced Launch (Score 0) 322

Nah, just outsource it.

Call Center: Hi, my name is, who am I speaking to?

Customer: General Mayhem at NORAD.

Call Center: Very good, General. We appreciate your call, your business is very important to us. How may I assist you today?

Customer: We'd like a nuclear strike on North Korea.

Call Center: Very good, you want a nuclear strike on North Korea. I can authorize that in just a few minutes. While we are waiting, can I take a minute to tell you about some of our other warfare options you may not know about?

Comment They're pulling a fast one. (Score 5, Funny) 561

You know, I think they are pulling a trick on us. My money is on the fact that they are actually outsourcing the drivers to India. There's no computer, just drone car drivers in Mumbai, web cams, and a really fast internet connection. This could also explain why traffic patterns in SF and Mumbai are almost identical.

And, who cares, if it can't fly, and I can't hop from my car to my 34th floor office using my jetpack, I don't want it.

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