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Comment I don't know about bathroom remodeling (Score 1) 339

but I did IT for a closet & cabinet maker where not a single employee (including the owner) could do carpentry. They had a CNC machine. A sales guy would go out, do measurements, show you some packages and then a computer cut everything to fit. Then a couple guys with nails and hammers went out and banged it all together. If anything didn't fit it was because the measurements were wrong. You didn't 'em again, recut, and yelled at the sales guy not to screw up again.

That's a really, really high skill job that's been turned into Ikea furniture by computers.

Another example is my kid's invisalign braces. After the first set of prints were done she saw the orthodontist a total of 6 times for about 3 hours total; and she only saw him that much because her teeth needed some grinding and that takes a while. Everything else was done by computer in Israel. The invisalign were the same price as regular braces; but the regular braces would have needed bi weekly adjustments. With the invisalign she just swapped out clear plastic retainers.

Oh, and don't get me started on how quick buildings go up now. I've seen high rises open in less than a year. The kind that used to take 5 times that when I was a wee lad. And most of that year was waiting for the city to complete inspections (underfunded inspection offices don't have enough manpower, so you wait a while).

Point is, it's not just automation, it's massive amounts of skill reduction.

Comment I bought two CPUs last year (Score 3, Interesting) 120

and plan to look into the class action suits. Had I known I would have held off or bought a Ryzen. I'm not expecting Intel to buy me new CPUs but as a gamer the 5-10% hit I'm seeing will eventually caught up to me and force an upgrade sooner than intended.

Comment Why would they run them at lower wattage/temps (Score 1) 190

than spec? Wouldn't they be trying to maximize performance? Especially since the faster they mine the more they get; given the nature of crypto currencies it gets harder to mine as time goes on.

Also, these cards aren't _meant_ to run 24/7. They're meant to run 4-8 hours at a time tops, and those are the really nice ones. nVidia recently prohibited their consumer grade cards from being used in mining and data centers. This is obviously unenforceable, but the theory is that they're trying to get out of warranty repairs for a use case the cards aren't meant for. Meaning they're not expecting them to hold up in those use cases.

Comment Safety net generally means 6 months (Score 3, Insightful) 339

or at least it does to most people. It's certainly what I think of when I hear the phrase.

Also, what the devil are they going to retrain for? We're about to put every cashier and driver out of work. They're not all going to go off and be doctors, most folks just don't have the capacity. I guess we could think up new service jobs, but who's gonna pay them? It's not looking like folks are gonna have much money.

Also, you're assuming folks need to work or they become listless and frustrated and violent. I think that's only going to be a problem if they don't have enough money for food/shelter and (maybe, big maybe) a modicum of living (e.g. have a kid or two, go get drunk occasionally, that sort of thing).

All I see is more folks trying to put the onus on people to 're-skill' without talking about how they're gonna do that, if they even _can_ do that and where are the jobs going to come from. It sounds like blame shifting so we can all look the other way while 20% of the country's lives go to shit. That's certainly the vibe I got from Hillary Clinton.

Comment Please stop telling people to reskill (Score 3, Insightful) 339

it didn't work when the blue collar jobs went overseas and it's not going to work now. That's because:

a) older folks learn slower than young folks (fact)

b) it's kinda hard to work full time supporting the family you made when you had a job and go to school full time.

c) A lot of the folks being asked to re-skill didn't make it through college the first time when they were young and still had the support of their parents and access to scholarships only available to high school seniors

d) Nobody wants to support these folks while they go back to school, since that means tax hikes and we just did a $1.5 trillion dollar tax _cut_.

This is precisely why Hilary lost the election. Just telling them to reskill isn't an answer. It's not going to work. Think of something else or get ready for some pain while they elect God only knows what kind of people in a desperate attempt to find someone who will listen to them.

Comment Buy pre built (Score 1) 190

the system builders can still get cards at a reasonable price. You can get a whole new system for a few hundred over just the card right now. It's crazy.

You might also look for a used 970 GTX or even a 660/760 if it's for e-sports, just make sure it's from one of the better manufactures (Gigabyte/Asus/MSI). They tend to put some effort into making the cards more durable which reduces the odds of getting a junk board that's had the solder re-flowed in an oven.

Comment Used GPUs were bad news (Score 1) 190

for a very long time. There was a lot of dead cards from solder and/or traces breaking. You could toss 'em in an oven for 30 minutes and get another 6 weeks out of them; long enough to get past ebay's return policy.

It wasn't until the GTX 660/760 line that we started to see cards from Asus/Gigabyte/MSI specifically designed to fix this (Gigabyte's 'Ultra Durable' brand, MSI's 'Military Grade' and I forget what Asus' was). I ran pretty low end stuff (think GTX 240 ) and only recently got some hand me downs from my bro. That's because when he got his 1060 it was the first time in a decade he bought a new card to upgrade instead of to replace a dead board.

Comment Don't forget market share (Score 2) 190

if AMD suddenly ramps up production they could devour the gaming market leading to games written specifically for AMD. Right now nVidia has a big performance & stability edge because they can throw more engineers at game companies and because they just plain have more hardware.

At the moment neither nVidia or AMD wants to take the risk of ramping up production since it'll be a disaster if crypto currencies collapse. But AMD has a long history of slightly off kilter business decisions.

Comment Re:Oh, I get it! (Score 1) 287

Every conversation with Mishiki:

Me: "The dude carved a swastika into their lawn before killing people. Then he told his girlfriend he killed her parents because he was afraid they had found out he was a nazi!"

Mishiki: "So, what's your proof that he's a nazi?"

Me: "He said so, and he carved a swastika into the lawn before killing people."

Mishiki: "But how does that prove anything?"

Comment Re:Oh, I get it! (Score 1) 287

When you remove the "anti-government extremists" which aren't actually just right-wing. And in those cases, once you actually read them you find out that the vast majority of them weren't right wing either.

You're lying.

What you're trying to say is, "Once you remove all the right-wing extremists from the study of who killed cops, you will find that no right-wing extremists killed cops. You're really being dishonest.

Comment Re:Oh, I get it! (Score 1, Informative) 287

#blacklivesmatter is responsible for a dozen or more police officer deaths.

In the US, the right-wing kills more cops than any other group:


And here's the actual report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) that the above article is based on, in case you'd like to see it:


I mean, just in the past few weeks there have been at least two cases of right-wing jackoffs killing cops


And more cases of alt-reich nazis murdering people:


And right-wing pepe terrorism:


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