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Comment Oh, Trump has an agenda (Score 1) 517

they just don't talk about it because, well, it's awful. It's basically shutting down medicare, funneling the money into tax cuts for the .1% while slashing regulations that keep food, air and water safe and clean. You can't exactly get in front of national TV and talk about that stuff. Hell, he can't even claim he saved jobs. They gave Carrier $14 mil in tax breaks and the jobs are still on their way to Mexico.

Comment Not true (Score 1) 517

Trump's core appeal is socialist style populism. The mistake Hilary and the Blue Dog Dems made was not listening to him. He promised Health Care for all, Jobs for all, education for all and a return to American greatness. Basically all the things Bernie was promising but without any specifics. But the fact is the majority of Americans _want_ the government to take a larger role in improving their lives. Trump played to that and the media played along and let him talk out of both sides of his mouth.

Make no mistake, the Dems lost because they tried to have their cake (big money donations) and eat it to (populist left). It didn't work. They had to keep their mouths shut about any left wing policies and just pray Trump imploded. He didn't.

Comment That's not the problem (Score 2, Insightful) 517

the problem is Comey proved that even if you hand Trump victory on a platter he'll drop you like a bad habit at the first sign of trouble. I mean, Comey basically gave the election to Trump with that Oct surprise of his and Trump couldn't even understand that he had nothing to fear from him. Trump's dangerously unpredictable for all involved.

Comment They'll do it in a heartbeat (Score 0) 517

if they think they can get away with it. They'd love to have Pence. He's everything they want. They don't give a rat's behind about his religious agenda. They just want those sweet, sweet tax cuts for their wealthy donors, and end to all those burdensome regulations (like the one about dumping oil into streams and of course good 'ole Net Neutrality) and to keep wage growth down (again, for their big donors). And yes, that goes for most of the Dems too. God Damned blue dogs...

Comment Re:Absolutely baffling (Score 1) 245

MS-Office UI's are an utter mess and a feature pack-rat. I have had enough WTF moments when encountering new/changed Office products to fill an encyclopedia (remember those?). The bizarre semi-new "File" menu still makes me cringe. However, over time you just learn how to use Office features out of sheer rote memory because you have to if you want a pay-check.

Further, because everyone is using it, it's easier to find a Googled solution: the Network Effect. You don't know why you have to say press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F4 every third Tuesday of the month in Admin mode if you have a Samsung monitor, but you just learn that you do. Asking "why" is like asking to have Mormon doctrine logically explained. LibreOffice cannot compete with Education-by-Google (yet). MS-Office is the Rube Goldberg machine we know and love...well, at least know.

(I have some ideas for how to organize/manage features and feature-finders for feature-rich products, but that's another topic for another day.)

Comment You know, we can overturn citizens united whenever (Score 1) 83

It's our country, not theirs. You do know that, right? It's not even that hard to do safely. Ban donations from organizations. Set a hard cap on private donations and then make it illegal to donate to a campaign you can't vote in. Book it, done. While I'm on the subject lets do away with the Senate/House and switch to a Euro style parliament system of proportional representation. This crap where 700k folks in Wisconsin decide the fate of 7 million Californians has got to stop. And if they Rural South doesn't like it, let 'em go.

Comment It's a better deal if you're a non tech (Score 1) 245

because you break your computer a few times a year and it's expensive to fix it. Office 365 doesn't break unless your browser does. It works in 3 different browsers so if one breaks you can switch to another. And if all else fails you can switch computers and get to your files.

It's kinda like being a mechanic and driving a Jaguar. You can get away with it when you can fix it on your own.

Comment You get more than just the software (Score 1) 245

you get application hosting. You get apps that work as long as your web browser does, and if your web browser breaks you can wipe the computer and start over and not lose a damn thing. Yes, you're giving up privacy and control, but most people don't need that or care. They care about losing everything when they crash their PC for the 10th time. They care about spending $1k on a PC instead of $200 because then need a fractional amount more reliability.

You and I are computer enthusiasts to some degree. Most people view them as a means to an end and a rather annoyingly complex tool.

Comment The 80/20 rule (Score 2) 245

is what makes Office so successful. It states that 80% of your users only use 20% of your application's functionality, but for each user it's a _slightly_ different 20%.

Basically, everybody has that one cool feature they can't live without that their entire workflow is dependent on (spacebar heating anyone?). That's how Microsoft gets lock in. You can't leave without taking a major hit.

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