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Comment Re:Handheld GPS and Linux (Score 2, Interesting) 177

You have a valid point however I think it can go both ways in some instances.

A few months ago I flew my mother and sister to visit in Los Angeles. My sister would be doing all the driving and not knowing her way around worried me a little. While not the best solution I ended up giving my sister and mother my iphone to use its gps while they drove around during the day. My sister would pull over, search for a location she wanted to go, hand the phone to my mom and start driving.

From all I gather they loved it and didn't have any problems using it. My sister also liked the Google street view for previewing the lay of the land so she would recognize things as she got close. Sure I will concede a Tom Tom sort of device would have been the ideal solution but you gotta admit the GPS on the phone did do its job. My 2 cents.

Comment Re:This is a DC problem, not a Google problem (Score 1) 139

No I don't do IT work.

As to your laptop VPN suggestion, most facilities firewall off the wireless and internal networks from themselves.

"I can has my files" is exactly why I use services like Google and Dropbox, sorry you disagree. I'm not a tinfoil hat crazy as you appear to be so I don't mind someone controling my data. In all honesty I don't see any difference between Google and a financial institution when it comes to personal data. Both can be good and bad.

Comment Re:This is a DC problem, not a Google problem (Score 1) 139

You had me most of the way until your last sentence.

I've used Linux for quiet some time and am lucky enough I can usually request Linux for my operating system at freelance jobs. That said I really don't give a rats ass about the cloud, Microsoft, Google, or where my data is.

At the end of the day all I care about is what works regardless of where it comes from. I have forgotten documents at home more than Google has had an outage preventing me from getting at my Gmail account. I have all my email at my employers forwarded to my Gmail account. The one or two times Google has prevented me from accessing Gmail I simply logged into the companies web servers that had my data still on them.

I'm not saying Googles services are the best or great at everything but obviously they are for some people or no one would use them. The last movie I worked on we used Google calendar and docs to push things around the office and to vendors. A 200 million US dollar movie I hope thats a productive enough office workplace for you.

And so what if Google has my data. I figure the chances of someone owning Google or a Google employee getting my personal data is about the same risk as someone owning my rig at home/work. Continue on bashing Google as the anti-christ reborn while I enjoy my use of there services.

Comment *sigh* (Score 1) 187

I don't know why my post is marked as Troll.

Does no one know how many people rip stuff off youtube, vimeo, insert site X here, and edit the videos into parodies or god knows what else?

If you have a format that can't be readily edited I don't get how its going to go anywhere.

Not saying its ideal but it is a valid point.

Comment Linux cant even edit it half the time (Score 2, Interesting) 187

Try finding video editing software which can edit (not commandline like ffmpeg, I'm talking gui After Effects style) a Theora file.

Even on Linux where you would think ogg would be strongest is horrible in the ability to edit ogg files. I do screen captures from time to time and recordmydesktop only saves out ogg (ogv in later versions) files of the captures. I constantly have to run ffmpeg on the files and spit them out as png image sequences.

Outside the technical merits I don't know how you can expect to get traction on a format that barely anything if at all can edit the darn things.

Just my 2 cents.

Comment blah (Score 3, Insightful) 239

Eclipse 3.2.2 still? When do they plan on upgrading it? I mean they upgraded to PulseAudio and we all know how stable that thing is. *sigh*

I've tried running Eclipse builds from other repositories and seem to always have issues with them. It would be nice if they updated to a later version.

Comment Re:One question: (Score 1, Informative) 205

PulseAudio has totally fubared my computer at work and my laptop at home. I disabled it and went back to alsa however I still get soundlockups and other odd things.

These machines ran perfectly fine before Ubuntu made the switch to PulseAudio. Its one thing that drives me insane about Linux distros. They will switch to something new well before its stable and warranted yet packages that are updated and should be the default are left behind "case in point Eclipse".

Comment Re:I know this is slashdot..... but XP (Score 1) 432

I totally know what you mean and feel the same way

It can be hard to find a setup that fits like a glove and allows you to move around and work like its an extension of yourself. I've struggled with a decent setup for the last couple years and have finally got a good one going.

On my current job we are an all Windows house but my groove setup is with Ubuntu and Gnome at the moment. I'm lucky in that I'm a tools developer for an application which has both Linux and Windows ports. I can write my code in Linux and just have to hop on a Windows machine to make sure what works in Linux performs the same in Windows.

I've had artists come up and ask why I don't run the same setup as them, once I start flipping between workspaces on duel monitors with my apps spread all around they get the idea. I even setup another programer who sits next to me with Nvidia's workspace settings for Windows.

Once you find a setup that just works regardless of window manager or operating system your work output goes through the roof, I've noticed that holds true for me at least.

Comment Re:batteries (Score 1) 128

Not being rude in any way but how or what else are cars that don't run gas supposed to use if not batteries?

I don't think (would love to be proven wrong of course) that any solution for travel will ever not have an impact on th environment. I'd even wager that getting above 50% would be a dream come true.

I just don't understand what we are supposed to use when I see comments like yours about a new technology that is better then the current. Gotta start somewhere no?

The Media

Submission + - MS strikes GPLv3 from Linspire deal

rs232 writes: ""Microsoft says software that's licensed under GPLv3 isn't covered by the patent protection deal it recently signed with desktop Linux distributor Linspire" .jhtml?articleID=201001836

Did the original patent deal with Linspire explicidly mention GPLv3 and if not can they retrospectivly rewrite the terms of the license. If so what good is it? 0614085735536"

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