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Comment Re:T is doing it wrong [Re:No Worries.] (Score 3, Insightful) 143

Tariffs only hurt everyone involved.

The theory assumes proverbial spherical cows. You ignored my war scenario, for one. Going back to the Venezuela example, just because oil is currently your country's Comparative Advantage at a given point in time does not mean it will stay that way. If the bottom falls out of oil, your population starves. There's also the risk of financial bubbles due to uneven exchanges caused by imbalance.

And, tariffs are NOT the end-goal; but rather balance. Tariffs are an encouragement tool. Countries like China may loosen up imports or business regulation that previously made things hard on other countries' businesses. Right now it's too difficult to micromanage the barriers they put up. General tariffs would encourage them to loosen barriers on their own without an army of lawyers needed to sue away each and every barrier.

Comment Re:I remember when it was just called... (Score 5, Insightful) 87

or "buzzword chasing". I've seen it many times since the beginning of my career. When relational databases became The Thing in the mid 1980's, every database product made just enough tweeks to call their database "relational", even though the implementation was either questionably relational, and/or done poorly.

When GUI's were The Thing when Windows 3.1 came out, every product tried to shoehorn their app into a GUI. Often they bundled it with the DOS version so that when customers found out the hard way the GUI version was dodgy or immature, they'd install and use the DOS version. Their phone support people echoed, "try installing the DOS version, you may like it better" hundreds of times a day.

I was just reading about the early years of Oracle corporation. They bragged their database ran on a dozen or so computer brands (AKA "cross-platform"). In practice, it didn't work very well on most those listed on the brochure because they didn't bother fixing the platform-specific bugs for low-sales platforms. So, in practice, Oracle really ran on just a handful of computer brands.

Jamming dodgy AI into products to call them "AI based" seems to be the same ol' game.

Comment Re:Quality doesn't matter when it's disposable any (Score 2) 278

Apple didn't invent planned obsolescence.

They didn't, but you have to admit, with the iPhone they really did Lead The Way

Except for the part where Apple offers software updates to their phones for far longer than any other major manufacturer.
Good luck finding another major vendor that supports their smartphones for 4 years.

Comment T is doing it wrong [Re:No Worries.] (Score 4, Insightful) 143

Large trade imbalances are a problem; not just for jobs, but because the financial imbalances it causes, and a host of other risks. For example, if we gut our manufacturing base, we could have insufficient manufacturing facilities during an extended war. Venezuela's problems have a Yuuuge lesson: don't put all your economic eggs in one basket. Variety is a backup system, even if it causes short-term inefficiencies.

BUT, Trump is doing it wrong; or at least not in a coordinated way.

An imbalance penalty tariff should be applied to trade with a level based on the imbalance amount: the bigger the imbalance, the bigger the penalty. We'd have to tell the WTO to shove it, though; or get them to change the rules.

However, the penalty shouldn't suddenly be applied in full, but gradually ramped up to give the country and companies time to adjust. We don't want to shock the system. Trump doesn't have the patience for gradual ramp-ups; and the full effect may outlast a presidential term even. It would have to be a coordinated political effort.

Comment Similar to Mac vs. Windows (Score 3, Insightful) 278

I've used both Android and iPhone, and I found the iPhone just "cleaner" and more straight-forward. Apple controls the user experience carefully, and refuses most junk and clutter.

It may not be that Android is "bad" per se, but various phone vendors either don't give enough thought to a clean UI, and/or put junkware and play games to get you to buy their crap. It's more wild-west in flavor. On the upside, Android may have more potential options and shortcuts if you fiddle and dig enough.

It's much like the old Mac vs. Windows debate: Mac is easier to "just use" out of the box, while Windows is less expensive and has more potential software, but needs more babysitting of the machine to do it and keep running, and UI design that sometimes makes you cringe. Google is the new Microsoft, for good or bad.

Comment Re:SJWs on the Bench (Score 1) 397

And yet the creditors here would cheerfully argue (and have argued) that contracts entered into in good faith aren't enforceable because they were verbal and the debtor can't show any proof they existed, when that contract consisted of the creditor's rep giving assurances to the debtor about leniency. You and they can't have it both ways. The big financial institutions have been at the forefront of advocating that if you can't produce a signed written agreement then it didn't happen and isn't legally enforceable, well the individual debtor's equally entitled to demand the same standard apply when it goes the other direction.

Comment Re:Student loan debt is different (Score 2) 397

the mortgage thing was a problem because the banks loaned more than the houses were worth and thus could not get their money back.

They were "worth" sufficient during the bubble, but it was of course a bubble.

Similarly, if the financial worth of college education dropped across the board due to recession, outsourcing, automation/AI, fraud, or a combo, the bottom could fall out on college loan repayments.

Comment Resume Padding (Score 2) 236

Were are a relatively small shop, and those devs with influence convinced management to switch to what seems the entire Microsoft stack, with service layers on top of service layers, and other middle-man gizmos. It's as if they get points for every service and service layer on the MS brochure they use. Pokesoft: gotta install em all! If you add a new column to a table, you have to update something like 17 spots. Dagwood wouldn't even eat this thing.

They are kicking KISS/YAGNI right in the balls. Either I don't get something, or they are trying to pad their resumes with enough gizmo experience to move on to Big Pay, leaving us suckers to babysit their bloated orphans.

Comment "Putin & I... impenetrable Cyber Security unit (Score 1) 99

That sounds like what he discussed with Putin:

"Putin & I discussed forming an impenetrable Cyber Security unit so that election hacking, & many other negative things, will be guarded."

Donald Trump, July 9th, 2017

The next day he said tweeted "The fact that President Putin and I discussed a Cyber Security unit doesn't mean I think it can happen. It can't..." But maybe it can. Perhaps Putin's role in it is one of the "Details [that] are still being worked out, but officials say they expect a decision and announcement in the coming weeks."

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