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Comment Re:apple is clearly doomed (Score 1) 356

My point was not that everyone considers it a fashion statement or status symbol. My point was that so long as it is both of these things then people will buy it regardless of the issues us technical folks may have with Apple or their products. Thus, Apple will keeping doing what it is doing because the developers will continue to come to it as long as they see dollar signs. Regardless of your reasons for buying Apple, the status symbol folks are in control because there are far more of them than you.

The entrance to their walled garden is a revolving door for developers. Some will leave but others will come back and new blood will always find their way in. If you do things Apple's way then you can make money and stay. But if you make money within their garden then you can bet Apple will find a way to get a cut of it or you won't be there to stay.

Comment Re:Gasoline-like energy density (Score 1) 582

I think this is one of the better arguments against a pure-electric solution for an automobile... cost over time. $10k can get you a lot of gasoline and we still have no real indication of how long a life these batteries will have. If you have to replace the batteries every 50k miles at even $3k per set then the total TCO is not at all worth it. I easily burn through 50k miles in two years with my current commute. Electric cars cannot save me from gas. :p

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