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Comment Re:I'd rent em space (Score 1) 87

I'd rent them space for a drone recharging station/rest stop especially if it got me preferred delivery or a discount on delivery.

This was one of my first thoughts when I heard they were exploring drone-based delivery. A drone perch would make delivered packages less visible and less accessible to anyone who might wish to intercept them, compared to just dropping them on the porch.

Comment Re:Passerine drones could be solar (Score 1) 87

Instead of tying perching drones to fixed recharging stations, why couldn't idle drones just roost on a roof or other sunny spot, spread solar wings, and recharge while waiting for the next assignment? During bad weather, they could hide under eaves or other protected places.

Solar panels would reduce the usable payload.

Expensive drones need to be earning a return on the investment by delivering packages, not sitting around waiting to recharge.

Cheap mains electricity is available 24/7 in the vast majority of areas where package delivery drones would operate.

Comment Re:Prevent? No. Stop? Yes. (Score 1) 1144

You guys aren't thinking straight. Almost everyone is posting a knee jerk "no" answer to this question. But we could have a system that hears and locks on to gunfire and respond in many ways to stop the shooting from becoming a mass shooting. It could shoot back, chuck a flash bang at the shooter, or blind the shooter with lasers.

Literally blinding means some innocent person will be blinded when (not if!) the system registers a false positive.

Dazzlingly bright spotlights might render the shooter unable to aim effectively.

Comment Re:Easy. (Score 1) 637

I work in the pathology lab at a hospital, and we have a "no cellphones" policy, and a whitelisted set of websites that you can access with the computer. And yet I require about 10 different passwords for the various things that I use every week.

Sticky notes have become the norm in this lab, and that's what happens when IT policies are too hard to follow.

In this type of scenario, a laminated card kept on your person beats leaving sticky notes about.

Comment Re:Superficial and wrong (Score 1) 1116

Would you do a dangerous, unpleasant, stressful or demeaning job if you didn't need to? I don't see those sectors having many volunteer workers.

The pay for "tough" jobs would go up as needed to attract enough workers. Pay for "easy" jobs would probably go down, but at least nobody would be stressed out about not being able to afford shelter, food, health care, or other necessities.

Comment Re: 'Murica (Score 1) 278

But it was an issue in countries where someone drove the effort to actually change the signs. We'd rather replace them when the appropriate opportunity comes along. Not wrong, just different.

Back in the 1970s there was a big push toward metric in the US. Many road signs were replaced with ones that had both US customary and metric units. The next time the signs were due for replacement they went back to customary only. I think there's just too much inertia, similar to how we started minting dollar coins but didn't stop printing dollar bills.

Comment Re:We need independent Android developers. (Score 1) 133

A Google manager told me that the company doesn't know what to do with all the money it makes from advertising on Google search. So, the problem is not Google being poor.

Agreed, the problem is not that Google is poor. The problem is that Google is too worried about losing their position as the leading internet ad agency. It is bad for Google if someone else (Facebook?) can offer advertisers better value by having more information, and hence better targeting of ads. However, it is also bad for Google if someone else (Microsoft?!) can offer users better value by having services with better security and privacy.

Comment Re:Tesla is the ONLY 100mile range EV (Score 1) 232

If there was a big market for cars that can only drive 100 miles, auto manufacturers would be reducing the size of their gas tanks to reduce weight and gain 0.25mpg.

Since they're not doing that, clearly it's not a market big enough to care about.

No one has a gasoline pipeline to their house to constantly refill a 100 mile range gas tank, but many homes can conveniently recharge an electric car.

Comment Re:How timely... (Score 1) 92

x86 is probably going the same way as Sparc. x86 is powerful but too powerful to be used on mobile devices and doesn't scale very well on desktops when it comes to parallel processing.

Intel continues to work on reducing power consumption of x86 while retaining performance.
ARM continues to work on increasing performance while retaining low power consumption.
I'm hoping for everybody to win.

Comment Re: They're not going to arrest him! (Score 2) 312

You are more likely to get struck by lightning than shot by a gun.

NOAA gives an average of 33 lightning deaths and 297 injuries per year in the US for the years 2004-2013. gives a minimum of 11,068 gun homicides and 64,389 non-fatal gun injuries in any one year over the same time span.

Statistically, a random person in the US is much more likely to be killed or injured by gunfire than struck by lightning.

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