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Comment Re:Free speech != right to be heard (Score 1) 191

This judge has just declared that you and I and everybody else has a requirement to pay for somebody else's political soapbox, sit there, and listen to it. This is NOT what the first amendment says if you exercise a few brain cells a few minutes. If it did then there is no right to privacy in your own home. A saner interpretation is that a person may pay for and erect his soapbox any place that is legal without invading other people's privacy and speak his piece. Then he must clean up any mess and leave. He may not force you to listen. He may no force me to listen. He may not force anybody else to listen.

Given the way robocalls and telemarketers invade your privacy at their whim if this judge's verdict is allowed to stand I feel sorry for the poor sods reduced to taking telemarketing jobs. Their lives won't be worth 2 lousy cents when the vigilante squads find them.

Meanwhile, it is sort of fun to listen to the reactions when I declare, "If you call me again I will climb through this telephone cord and rip your g., d,,, throat out." A sweet little girl accent works best.


Comment Asian reaction appears favorable (Score 2) 535

I suspect the Asian nations will be pleased with brexit simply because they get access to the British market and goods without the EU getting in the way. Maybe this will be the end of expensive DSLR cameras that are limited to 29'59" of recording because the EU arbitrarily defined 30 minutes or more as a video camera and slapped much higher tariffs on them.

Maybe the next couple years will be time to invest in Britain rather than try to escape. Look at both sides of the possible effects before you jump.


Comment And when the drone count reaches 187 million? (Score 1) 176

If one drone means one accident in 187 million years of continuous operation what happens when we have 187 million drones out there up in the air at any given time? It's like 640k. People will perceive a need for more leading to hundreds of millions of drones some of which will be operating at any given time. Somehow one accident a year does not sound appetizing to me even if that's a world wide accident rate.


Comment Gee, memories are short these days (Score 1, Interesting) 183

About 20 years ago my partner took me into his workplace at UniSys in Mission Viejo. He showed me a nice modular computer system, video module, disk drive module, CPU module, memory module, etc. It was designed some 30+ years ago now by Convergent Technologies. Burroughs bought then and sold the computers for a few years. And there was still a working example at the UniSys labs in Mission Viejo. (Burroughs plus Sperry became UniSys rather than Spurroughs.)

I suppose 30 years is long enough for the reinvention to be seen as something brand new and unique and patentable. However, in a real world I suspect this prior art, documented on Wikipedia (the model number to look for is Burroughs B25) should not be patentable by any stretch of the imagination.


Comment RAID 5 solution? (Score 1) 101

I wonder if I can "fix" my RAID 5 system with a one disk at a time approach. Pull a drive. Use Linux to zero the drive. Use Windows to build the requisite NTFS partition to prevent complaints. Run the update. Rezero the partition information. And finally reinstall the drive in the RAID and let the RAID rebuild. Lather, rinse, repeat three more times for the other disks.

Of course, methinks I'll take a complete disk image backup of the RAID just in case.

Any thoughts regarding this approach? Is there anything simpler that can be done?


Comment Re:Classic Obama - you guy are naive indeed (Score 1) 211

I rather expected this.

You guys really have some learning to do. Obama promises very vague things, fundamental change or fix the XXX, and you read into it what YOU want rather than asking him for specifics. As long as you let your leaders get away with this sort of shenanigan you're going to be disappointed much or most of the time. "Patent reform" is another vague declaration. Patent reform to limit or eliminate patent trolling is specific. Patent reform to make it easier to obtain frivolous patents and use then for trolling is specific. Which one do you read into the statement, "I intend to see that the patent system is reformed?" Which one do you think will happen in reality?

Demand the specifics of your owners er legislators and POTUS. Then hold them to the specifics. Until you do you are going to be owned by the government rather than you being the government's owner. You should face any government officials with some strong well earned cynicism.


Comment Re:Fundamental reform? (Score 1) 148

It would be nice if "fundamental reform" was defined, wouldn't it? I basically do not trust vague platitudes such as "fundamental reform". They must tell me specifically what they plan. Is it more government to "protect me" or is it "get the friggin' government out of my face?"

I've rather had it up to here with oppressively huge government. Let's try small government for a change. It worked when we did it that way. It's better than "more of the same old same old" we've been doing of late, R and D both.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.


Comment What could possibly go wrong? (Score 1) 322

This sounds SO good, clean, and to the point. But there are holes in this picture.

But, what could possibly go wrong?

For example, what does the world do if China turns around and hurriedly constructs a hundred Chernobyl style reactors for power?

I'm surprised nobody (moderated high enough to matter) here has asked that obvious question. This is simply an application of the general rule that no good deed goes unpunished or the old cliche about the road to Hell being paved with good intentions.

So, yes, I really am wondering, "What could possibly go wrong?" I wonder because as a pessimist I figure the worst possible thing will go wrong if you apply a nuclear weapon to digging a hole in the ground.


Comment Re:Even higher! (Score 2, Interesting) 1040

Communism leads to dead retirees if not babies, dear. They are on a fixed income. Seattle has just doubled what it will cost them to go out for a dinner or a coffee. If all they get is social security you've just constrained them to their homes. Oh wait, they can't even live there because the prices of the food they eat are going to go up. The prices of the gasoline they use to get out of the city to saner purchasing climes goes up. All prices go up. How about making sure those on a Social Security income have their income go up accordingly?

If the current minimum wage is not worth working to receive why do people work? They have welfare to fall back upon? It sets a very effective and practical minimum wage? Oh, you say these are young people of school age trying to build up work resumes of any kind possible so they can move on to better paying jobs? Hm, will they be able to get the resume job (hey, he actually is willing to work) with the higher cost for their unproven (or proven barely adequate) labor?

Minimum wage has a lot of "feel good" associated with it. Now sit down and build the logic tree for what happens next, with real people involved not fantasy idealized people.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out.


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